How to Choose the Best Dash Cam in 2024?

Car Dashboard Camera

A dashboard camera is a vehicle security camera that helps you to keep an eye on your vehicle in motion and even when parked. The videos recorded are stored in the cloud and it can be used as evidence anytime you need in case of an accident. Today, there are cameras for car recording that have AI capabilities that use computer vision to interpret the videos and provide insights into distracted driving and unsafe driving practices.

Why Buying a Car Dash Camera in India is a Good Investment?

Roads in India are very chaotic. So, the chances of accidents are quite common. If you install cameras for car security, you can stay relaxed about the safety of your vehicles on the way. At the same time, you can track your family traveling in the car, thereby ensuring their safety.

There are dash cameras that come with GPS devices built into them. It helps to find out the exact location of your vehicle. So, if your family is stuck somewhere on the way, you can easily check the location of the vehicle and reach out for immediate help.

Installing a car dash cam in India is a significant advantage for insurance companies when it comes to safeguarding your vehicle and premium pricing. It is also beneficial to the driver because it offers proof to support your claims.

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What Factors Should You Consider While You Buy Dash Cam?

Once you have decided to purchase the best dash cam for car India, you must consider some of the important points mentioned below:-

1. Check out the Recording Capabilities

You must go for the dash camera with loop recording capability. Recorded files take up a lot of storage space.  So, choose a dash camera with high recording capabilities.

2. Display & Resolution

You must check for the display and resolution of the dashcam with parking mode. There are basic dash cams recorded in 720p. However, you must go for the one that records in at least 1080p Full HD. The high resolution of a dash cam offers good clarity.

3. Night Vision & IR

Due to low visibility, the recorded videos by dashcam may not be clear. You must go for a dash camera with night vision. This type of dashcam will be able to capture information even in low-light conditions.

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4. Parking Mode

Some of the dashcams come with parked mode video recording. When your car is parked, Kent CamEye CarCam 2 can record video of both inside and outside views of your car to ensure complete car security.

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5. Angle Coverage

The greater the field of view, the better will be the image or video clarity. There are dash cams with a field of view of at least 120 degrees and some of them are 180 degrees.

6. G-Sensor

With the help of G-Sensor found in many dash cameras, motion detection is frequently enabled. When your car is parked, the dash cam installed in your car might go into standby mode and get activated when motion is detected. So, if someone tries to break into your car while it is parked, you will be informed immediately.

7. GPS Tracker

You must also check for a built-in GPS tracker. This will help to find out the location of the vehicle and record the video feed alongside. Get a dashcam with a GPS tracker to monitor your car’s movement in real-time and playback trips on a map to track your car’s route at any given time.

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If you remain worried about the safety of your vehicle on the way or you wish to keep an eye on your loved ones while traveling, you must install Kent CamEye CarCam 2. It is a vehicle security device that helps to stay in complete control of your car from anywhere in the world. This dash camera is designed with high-quality features such as 2-way calling, night vision, smart mobile alerts, misuse prevention alerts, continuous video recording, parked mode recording and so much more.

The car dash cam price is quite affordable and you can purchase it without burning a hole in your pocket. Install Kent CamEye CarCam 2, one of the best vehicle dash cameras in your car to improve the security of your vehicle. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose a dash cam for my car?

To choose a dash cam for your car, you must check out the quality of the video and check for the availability of some of the essential features such as GPS tracker, G-Sensor, Wider Angle Coverage and Parking Mode features etc.

2. Which is the best dash cam to buy?

Kent CamEye CarCam 2 is the best dashcam in India. It comes with features such as Live Video Streaming, Parked Mode Video Recording, GPS Tracking, 2-Way Calling and so much more to ensure complete security of the vehicle.

3. How many GB is good for a dash cam?

Kent CamEye CarCam 2 comes with 16 GB memory and it has an expandable memory of 512 GB.

4. What features do I want in a dash cam?

You must look for a dash cam that has inbuilt GPS tracker, high video quality, wider field of view, parked mode video recording, GPS tracking, 2-way calling and night vision.

5. How much does a car camera cost?

The cost of Kent CamEye CarCam 2 is between Rs. 19,490 to 21,990 depending upon the number of units purchased.


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