4 Important In-Car Security Features of KENT CamEye for Your Loved Ones


Important Security Features of KENT CamEye

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, their in-transit safety surely comes to one’s mind. Some parents hire a chauffeur to drive children to school or hobby classes, thinking it would be safer than sending them on the school bus. However, somewhere deep inside, they still find it insecure for the little ones to travel alone. Similarly, when your spouse or teenaged children are driving the car in your absence, you remain anxious till the time they reach their destination.

KENT CamEye, a dash-cam-cum GPS vehicle tracker for the car can help you with the aforesaid issues. It’s an advanced technology device that uses its innovative features to ensure 100% safety of your loved ones traveling in the car. You can install the device in the car and can easily access it through the KENT CamEye application on your smartphone.  

Let’s learn about the features of KENT CamEye that can help you to ensure the safety of your loved ones:

GPS Tracking:

As one of the best GPS vehicle trackers for cars, KENT CamEye allows tracking the real-time location of your car. On your mobile screen, you will get to see the route taken by the car on the map. So, when your kids are being driven by the chauffeur, you can check whether they are on the correct route or not. Further, when you want to know the in-transit location of your teenaged children or spouse driving in the car, you can find it using the KENT CamEye app.

This way, you can be aware of the real-time location of the car in which your loved ones travel. KENT CamEye offers high accuracy, making it the most reliable device.

Live Streaming:

Unlike other vanilla GPS vehicle trackers for cars, KENT CamEye offers you live video of inside and outside views of the car. The device mounted on the front windshield captures the footage with its dual-lens, one for in-cabin view and the other for watching the activities in front of the car. You can use this feature to watch the in-car activities when your loved ones are traveling in it.

You can watch if your kids are being driven with care and comfort in the car as well as keep a watch on the nanny accompanying them, whether she is treating them well or not. As parents of adolescent children, you can also live stream to make sure your child and his/her friends are not behaving in a reckless manner. 

2-way Calling:

Two-way calling is another prominent feature of KENT CamEye, which helps you stay in constant touch with your loved ones while they are on the drive. It lets you make a voice call on the device as you are its admin user. The in-built microphone and speaker helps in carrying out two-way communication. No handheld equipment or process is required to connect the call; it gets auto-connected after two short bells and ensures the car occupant is available for conversation.

This feature is best to use, especially when your old-aged parents or kids are driven by your driver. You can call and have a word with them to ensure if they are feeling comfortable or not. While the video is streaming, if you find your dear ones a little upset, you can talk to them to understand the concerns and take necessary action.

Over Speeding Alert:

KENT CamEye is enabled with AI-based alerts which makes it one of the best security devices for safe driving. One of them is the Overspeeding Alert. Knowing that driving at a high speed can lead to fatal incidents, you need to take control of your car’s speed. KENT CamEye app allows you to set the desired speed limit at which your car has to be driven by your children or chauffeur. When the car is accelerated and driven rashly at high speed and goes beyond the set limit, an alert will be triggered on your mobile, informing you about the breach. You can instantly take action and bring the car back to normal speed. It helps in preventing the chances of any mishap.  Hence, with the availability of Kent CamEye in the market, now you don’t have to rely on simple GPS vehicle trackers; just get KENT CamEye installed to ensure the safety of your loved ones.


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