This Festive Season Make Your Family Safer With KENT CamEye


KENT CamEye for Family Safety

The festive season is around and the time when families come together for celebrations and joy. Throughout the month preparations carry on, which keep members of the family busy with shopping and other chores. You might not be available for them every time due to your professional commitments. For such moments you entirely depend on your helping hand, like your chauffeur, to drive your loved ones wherever they need to go. Sometimes you take the help of assistants to help with a few other errands. 

However, the on-road traffic conditions and several incidents keep you worried about the safety concerns of your family. It further compels you to know their whereabouts by texting or calling at frequent intervals. Rather than being bothered with continuous calling and texts, it is better to get KENT CamEye installed in your car. This dash cam with GPS tracker can help you to ensure the safety of your loved ones and keep the festivity on throughout the time.

KENT CamEye has been designed specially, keeping in mind the safety concerns of your loved ones. It has been integrated with innovative technology that solves the purpose effortlessly. The device has been provided with dual cameras that let you watch the views of both inside the car and even outside. It simultaneously acts as a GPS tracker that keeps you updated with the geographical location of your car over the map on your phone. KENT CamEye gives its accessibility through the mobile application that is compatible with both Android and iOS. There are various artificial intelligence alerts to keep you aware of the driving behavior of the driver.

Now let’s see how you can ensure the safety of your family members in the festival season with KENT CamEye.

1. Know When Your Wife Or Mother Reaches Home Safely:

For the festivals, a lot of preparations have to be done, for which stepping out of the house becomes necessary. While you remain busy with your official priorities, other family members like your mother or wife, go out shopping for several things. Even if you are not with them, you want to be updated about their location as well as the time they are there.

With KENT CamEye, you can get the notification when they start or end the trip. You can also track the real-time location of the car using KENT CamEye as a GPS tracker. It will let you know the place they are headed to. You will also get to know when they return home safely after day-long shopping.

2.  Stay Connected To Your Aged Parents In The Car:

Your aged parents may want to go visit relatives or go to the temple during the festive season but accompanying them every time becomes really difficult with your prior schedules. As a result, your chauffeur drives them to their places of interest but somewhere, their safety concern keeps diverting your mind from work. KENT CamEye can offer you peace of mind with its live video streaming feature using which, you can see if they are comfortable while being driven by the chauffeur.

You can even communicate with your parents in the car through the 2-way calling feature offered by the device to confirm that they are not facing any issue. It has an over-speeding alert feature that will inform you about any instance of rash-driving by the driver.

3. Ensure Your Subordinates Deliver Gifts On Time:

During festivals, you may want to distribute gifts and sweets to relatives and friends. However, being occupied with other priorities, it not possible for you to give them personally so you send an assistant or someone else to do this task with your chauffeur. It is not necessary that the assistant will do the task in the same manner that you had instructed. They might take a detour for their personal work, or they can stop in-between without bothering for time.

With KENT CamEye in your car, you can monitor the in-car activity of your assistant through live video streaming. You can also put a geo-fence around the location you have asked them to visit so that if they take a detour, you would be notified immediately on your mobile. You can track the live location to check if they are on the right route or not and refer to the recorded time-lapse video to find out the reason behind the lag.  Hence, don’t let any anxiety spoil the spirit of festivity, just install KENT CamEye in your car to ensure the safety of your loved ones and keep the celebrations grand and cheerful. 


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