Install KENT CamEye to ensure your Daughter’s Safety during Night Commute


KENT CamEye for your Daughter’s Safety

As a part of a developing nation, women have become empowered and independent in India, but the irony is that their safety is still a major concern for all. There are times when a woman gets late at work or has to do the evening shift, which compels her to commute alone late evening or at night. However, the city roads never promise to be completely safe for her, and a genuine fear keeps bothering her family while she travels alone.

The day to day incidents that we see in news add to our worries, but still, we cannot prevent our daughter or sister from going to work. Therefore, it is better to focus on the ways they can be protected from the typical issues associated with on-road female’s safety.

In this day and age, when almost everything is based on technology, we have several options for vehicle security devices as well. One can now opt for KENT CamEye, the first-of-its-kind dash cam with GPS tracker in India, which has been designed keeping in mind the safety of both passengers and vehicles as well.

KENT CamEye comes bundled with features that can help with the safety of women on-drive. It stands as one of the best available devices in the market as it has dual cameras to capture everything happening inside and outside the car.

It’s a 4G powered device that comes pre-installed with a sim providing network connectivity. It has very accurate GPS sensors to provide the exact location of the vehicle. The device is accessible through its user-friendly KENT CamEye app on mobile phones, making it easy to use for anyone. The users just have to open the app on their phone and don’t require a laptop or desktop to reach to their daughters or loved ones in the car.

KENT CamEye offers peace of mind to the parents while their daughter drives back at night. Let’s see how:

Get notified with Trip start and end Alerts:

KENT CamEye sends a notification at the start and end of every trip. It means a message would pop-up on your mobile phone when your daughter starts driving and when she reaches back home. The message will read that a trip has been started and ended and the time as well. With real-time notification on your phone, you would remain updated about your daughter’s driving time and track if any unusual stoppage takes place.

Live stream to ensure she drives safely:

Sometimes when your daughter/ wife is driving alone at night, you wish to constantly be in touch with her to ensure her safety. With KENT CamEye’s Live video streaming feature, this is possible as you can see at any time what’s happening inside the car while she is driving. You can live-stream her car’s inside as well as an outside view to see if she is secure.

Stay connected with 2-way calling:

There are times when you panic if your daughter’s phone goes unreachable and you are not able to talk to her. KENT CamEye offers a solution to this issue as well. While watching the live footage of your daughter traveling in the car, if you find something unusual, you can call on the device using the 2-way calling feature. It would also let her feel comfortable while driving alone at night. She doesn’t have to hold any phone while talking since the high quality speaker and microphone in KENT CamEye makes the conversation quite audible and clear on both ends and she can continue to drive carefully. Moreover, the device gets auto-connected after it rings in the car, establishing an easy 2-way communication.

Keep track with real-time location tracking:

You can keep a check on the route in which your daughter is driving and track the real-time location on the map. For instance, if you find that she has taken the wrong route, you can call her to guide and bring her back to the right route. Moreover, you will remain connected and aware of the exact location at any given moment.

Therefore, KENT CamEye with its various unique features helps to ensure that your daughter or any loved one is safe when travelling at night.


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