The New Features of KENT CamEye


Next-gen Features of KENT CamEye

In a very short span of time, KENT CamEye has successfully brought a revolution in the market of vehicle security devices. It is one of the most popular dash cam-cum-GPS trackers in India which people installed in their vehicles with different objectives. With a vast customer base, KENT CamEye is oriented towards providing an unconditional service to them. Taking into consideration customer feedback, a few developments have been introduced in its mobile application that improves the experience of using KENT CamEye for the security of the vehicle and the safety of loved ones.

Let’s see what new KENT CamEye has to offer, to make your vehicle security even stronger.

Single Mode:

Following huge demand from the customers, KENT CamEye has enabled the SD-card option with single-mode video recording. It stores trip videos of the inside or outside view that you can select through settings. These recorded videos will have a clear picture with high definition and quality.

All you need to do is, insert FAT32 formatted Class 10 SD card in the memory slot of the device and configure the view of your choice in application settings. Trip videos of selected view will be stored for every 5 minutes, locally into the SD card of the device. You can access these videos from the library section of the KENT CamEye mobile application. When you click on a video from the recordings list, it allows setting up the local connection by connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspot of the device.

Dual Mode:

If you want your KENT CamEye to record trip video for both the views, then you have the option for this as well. You can go to the camera settings where you will have options to choose between single-camera mode and dual camera mode. Selecting the dual-mode for your KENT CamEye, the device will record time-lapse video for both the inside and outside views. These videos will be uploaded and stored on a secure cloud system.

You can access these videos from the library section of KENT CamEye mobile application where you will have the choice of on-Cloud videos, in both downloaded and SD card options. You need to click the on-Cloud option and there you will find the time-lapse video of each trip. No Wi-Fi connectivity or hotspot would be required for it and you can access the videos from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you get to save unlimited data that too for both the sides.

Left or Right-Hand Driving:

Other than India, there are many countries where vehicle controls are provided on the left side. To make KENT CamEye work more efficiently, it has been configured with both the left and right-hand driving orientation. It helps in the proper functioning of features like unknown driver detection alert and fleet management. So, irrespective of the driver seat orientation, face recognition technology will successfully be able to detect an unknown driver. Hence, you will receive timely notifications and can enjoy the seamless services of the device.  All you need to do is click on the toggle icon to select between the LHD (left-hand driving) and RHD (right-hand driving) while creating the profile in KENT CamEye’s mobile application. With all these new additions, you will have a perfect blend of security and innovation, helping you to get de-stressed of the concern for your loved ones as well as your vehicle.  Stay connected with us to get more updates on KENT CamEye.

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