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Fleet Management with KENT CamEye

Fleet business, either small or large, needs complete attention and a single miss can keep you away from yielding maximum profit. No matter how vast your employee base is, ultimately it is you who is required to monitor the operation, throughout. To get this job done efficiently, integrate KENT CamEye, a dash cam with GPS tracker in your vehicles.

Why is Fleet Management Important?

Fleet Management is important to minimize the cases of vehicle theft and accidents. Additionally, it helps to reduce the misuse of company assets due to no real-time visibility or asset tracking to monitor usage. For an effective fleet management, one of the important tools is fleet management camera.

Let’s see what all does Trips section provides and how it can help in making fleet management more efficient:-

1. Trip Status

Once you click on the trip stats section, you will get to see the whole statistics of the journey. You can see the average speed and the maximum speed to identify if the driver was driving within the speed limit or not. The total distance covered during the journey and duration will be displayed in a separate window. The trip stats section also provides the total number of alerts generated during that particular trip. Fleet drivers generally leave the engine idle, which is the major reason behind fuel consumption and affects the vehicle’s health. However, the trip stats of this fleet management portal will make you aware of any condition of engine idling and its duration.

2. Alert

KENT CamEye for vehicles offers alerts on the breach of certain safety measures. You will be able to track the conduct and driving behavior of your drivers all the time. Therefore, KENT CamEye, dash-cam-with-GPS tracker has been provided with various alerts that help you in proper monitoring of your fleet. It will show the number of alerts triggered during a journey. This section will give the detailed information with the name of alerts including trip start and end.

3. Face Detection

KENT CamEye for vehicles is an advanced security device, integrated with artificial intelligence. The inside camera of the device captures the faces of the driver and the passengers seated inside the vehicle. You can check who all boarded your vehicle and if they were genuine or not. Moreover, you can see if the driver of the vehicle is one from those whitelisted, or someone else had taken the wheels during the journey.

4. Trip Video

KENT CamEye comes embedded with dual cameras that record the time-lapse video for both inside and outside views. The video is then uploaded and stored on a Cloud. In the fleet management portal, the videos will be available for watching as another function under the trips section. You can play the video anytime to watch the activities recorded inside and outside the vehicle. The videos can be used as evidence in case you find any misconduct of drivers during the journey.

5. Route Playback

As an advanced GPS tracker, KENT CamEye for vehicles records the entire route travelled by the vehicle. You can further playback the route which will be displayed in a very comprehensive manner on the map. It will show you every lane through which your driver had travelled. You can check if the driver took any unnecessary route or intentionally took a detour. In this way, you can keep a check on the redundant costs like fuel and delay in delivery.

Hence, the Trips section of the KENT CamEye fleet management portal is an all-in-one function that solves your worries related to the fleet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software helps businesses maintain optimal use of their work vehicles from a central platform.

2. Who is fleet management designed for?

Every organisation that makes use of vehicle for business purposes requires some form of professional fleet management. Fleet management camera is designed for the safety of the vehicle.

3. What industries rely on fleet management software?

Fleet management software is required by industries such as logistic companies, cash logistic business, cab running firms and many more.

4. What are some key elements to look for in a fleet management system?

GPS vehicle tracking, Driving behavior analysis, Fleet alarms, Fuel management, and Route planning and monitoring are some of the key elements to look for in a fleet management system.


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