Keep a Close Watch on Your Dairy Product Transport with KENT CamEye


KENT CamEye for Dairy Product Transport

The Dairy business has its own set of challenges and transportation is one of them. The ready dairy products belong to the perishable category and are to be supplied to the dealers within a specific period of time. Thus, it requires an impeccable transportation service and equally good management. A fleet management solution like KENT CamEye can help in managing the vehicles involved in transportation, especially with its movement and timely delivery of dairy products.

KENT CamEye comes bundled with features that help in monitoring the whole fleet system efficiently. You can register your fleet with KENT CamEye and once the devices are installed in your vehicles, you can add them on the registered dashboard. Further, all you have to do is to manage the vehicles at once while sitting in your office. You won’t have to take the stress of calling your drivers every time, to inquire about their work status. You will have everything sorted on the dashboard panel, making the monitoring task quite easy.

Let’s take a look at how KENT CamEye can help with your Dairy business operation:

Monitor If the Vehicle is Moving in the Right Direction:

For time-bound deliveries, it is important to take the right route. If the driver by mistake or intentionally, takes the wrong route, then not only does the fuel consumption increase but the time of delivery also gets affected. So, to keep aside any such situation in your business, you need to watch the movement of your vehicles from source to destination. Here KENT CamEye can help you with the feature of a GPS tracking device.

KENT CamEye allows tracking of the live location of each vehicle, through the map displayed on your screen. You can check the real-time information of On-trip vehicles and can see the route on which they are traveling. You can geo-fence the location so that if any of your vehicles take a route different from the assigned one, you will get a notification on your system. Moreover, the push notification feature in the dashboard will provide alerts on your mobile phone promptly.

Protect your Dairy Products from Pilferage:

The vans carry expensive dairy products and you cannot safeguard them physically being present in all the vans simultaneously. However, you can install KENT CamEye in your vehicles to get this job done. You can go to your fleet dashboard and live stream the video to watch what is happening inside or outside the vans. You can play the real-time footage of all the vehicles at once, on your screen and can even take a screenshot of an incident that you want to keep as evidence.

It will help you to monitor your driver’s activity and behavior, which would be enough to sense if anything is wrong in the vehicle. The dashboard even allows a 2-way calling feature with live footage of each vehicle. You can simply call on one device in which you find something inappropriate happening.

Deter the Chances of Misuse of your Fleet Vehicles:

There have been incidents in Delhi-NCR where police have busted gangs who used to smuggle liquor in milk vans. To ensure that no such incidents happen in your milk van fleet, you can use KENT CamEye. This dash-cam-cum- GPS tracking device will help you remain connected with your vehicles round the clock. You can go live to track vehicles with video streaming and location tracking. You will receive notifications whenever a trip starts or ends and further the trip details with complete information. You will also have the information about the place of start and end, duration of the trip, the faces of people seated in the vehicle (captured by device), time-lapse video recorded during the trip, etc.  It will let you figure out any unusual activity in your fleet vans. 

Hence, to manage your fleet and to enhance the business operation, you can deploy KENT CamEye as a perfect solution.

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