Know how KENT CamEye Helps in Managing your Fleet Conveniently


KENT CamEye for Managing Fleet

Fleet management has always been the toughest part of the business. Monitoring the driver’s behavior of each vehicle & looking after the daily trip records manually is next to an impossible task. Thanks to the innovative technology that we now have one of the best vehicle security devices for efficient fleet management.

KENT CamEye is a first-of-its-kind dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker in India that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of different fleet owners. To make the most of it and to meet their demands appropriately, KENT CamEye offers an organized dashboard for fleet management. As a fleet manager, you can monitor and track each of the vehicles through this dashboard at once. KENT CamEye offers complete peace of mind with the ease of tracking the vehicles en-route.

Here’s how you can track your fleet without any hassle:


Frequent stoppages can delay the delivery of consignments in your fleet business, thus putting client relations and profit in jeopardy. It happens because once the vehicles leave for their defined destination, you get almost disconnected from them. You cannot call the driver every time to check whether they are moving or not. KENT CamEye helps you manage this issue with a one-stop solution.

Login to the dashboard and you will find the complete list of devices installed in each vehicle. You can easily find the number of devices On-trip, how many of them are parked and the number of deactivated devices, etc. It will even provide this information with complete details of devices. Consequently, you can check insight of irregularities in fleet movement, if any.

The dashboard of the KENT CamEye Fleet Management System

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Monitoring the driver’s behavior is an essence of fleet management because your vehicles and valuable consignments remain with them for most of the time. So, it is important to stay aware of your driver’s conduct during work. KENT CamEye helps you monitor this on a real-time basis through its feature of live video streaming. The best part is that you can watch the live visuals for inside or outside view of all your vehicles on a single screen. Footages from each vehicle will be displayed on your mobile screen, letting you know if the driver and his assistant were performing their duties in a disciplined manner or not. If you find anything wrong, you can immediately give them a call and take valid action.


For fleet management, you must have control over your vehicles, no matter where they are moving. You should know the route they are headed to and whether it is correct or not. KENT CamEye is enabled with GPS technology and thus serves the location tracking purpose so well. It offers you the option of viewing the map that displays the accurate location of your vehicles at any given time. You can check if they are on the route as instructed or they have taken any detour.


It is not always possible to track the vehicles on a real-time basis; there could be some other engagements that might restrict you from doing the live tracking. KENT CamEye understands this challenge and therefore provides the solution under the ‘Trips’ section in the dashboard. There you can find the list of trips made by vehicles with complete details like place of start and end, timings, duration of the trip, number of alerts generated, recorded trip video, etc. So even if the live monitoring was missed, you can check the Trips section at a later time to ensure your fleet operation went efficiently.

Trips Section of KENT CamEye Fleet Management System

With the above-mentioned features, KENT CamEye gives you a strong hand to manage your fleet business quite efficiently. Call at +91-95826 12345 and book your demo now.

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