Participation of KENT CamEye in IoT Innovation Conclave 2019


KENT CamEye at IoT Innovation

KENT CamEye staged its presence in yet another major event held in Bengaluru this November. It was the 9th edition of IoT Innovation India Conclave 2019, India’s first and largest comprehensive Internet of things (IoT) event. KENT CamEye was one of the potential participants among the reputed industry players, and around 250 delegates across verticals were present over there.

The conclave witnessed the presence of top minds of respective companies who shared their knowledge in the industry and real-life experiences on the Internet of things (IoT). The discussion covered the entire ecosystem of the IoT including Connected Cars, Privacy & Security and Digital automation innovations.

Mr. Saurabh Gupta, CIO, KENT RO Systems represented KENT CamEye, the next-gen dash cam with GPS tracker, in a highly impressive manner. While sharing his insights on IoT trends, he said “We can make use of the power of IoT to make our roads safer for transport by curbing the number of accidents, road rage incidents, etc. Our newest endeavor in the Automotive Security Space, i.e. KENT CamEye, makes use of Artificial Intelligence, On-board sensors and Cloud Storage to deliver an engaging experience for the consumers while keeping the promise of Security intact. It has myriad applications, both across personal and commercial segments, be it taxi/cabs, transport fleets, schools, and even chauffeur-driven cars.”

KENT CamEye offers live video streaming, trip analytics, face recognition, artificial intelligence-based alerts and much more that implies how smartly this device makes the use of IoT. It does a great job as a GPS tracker that shows the vehicle’s movement around a location with accuracy. The device has been smartly built with the latest technology that helps in generating several alerts enhancing the security of a vehicle.

Overall, the conclave concluded on the submissive note of benefits the industries can make by implementing IoT in their businesses.

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