Elements You Should not Ignore for Safety of Students in a School Bus


KENT CamEye for School Bus

Due to the hectic daily schedule, working parents often appreciate the schools that provide transport facilities to their children. Despite the hefty charges, parents readily agree for such services as it saves a lot of their time involved in picking and dropping off kids.

As a result, schools also try to win the confidence of parents by offering the best possible services. They sincerely take care of the conveyance of students with selected pick up and drop off points at designated times. On the other hand, the purpose of parents gets solved with their children reaching school safely and on time. Still, schools need to be very cautious while providing transportation to students and shouldn’t overlook any aspect leading to unfortunate incidents. 

The facility of transportation to students should be in compliance with several regulations. As schools are answerable for the condition of transport vehicles, they need a system to help them with customary inspections and for reporting shortcomings in the vehicles.

Some of the below-mentioned factors can help school administrations manage student transportation system effectively:

Manage Bus Routes

The major challenge for school administration is to come up with convenient, time-saving routes, covering all the students in a manner that make it cost-effective, fuel-efficient as well as time effective. There should not be an overlapping of routes and vehicles must travel as instructed.  The vehicles are supposed to get buffer time on the routes allotted, owing to some unforeseen technical problems or traffic delays. These have to be timed in a way that takes the least time during the commute.

Practice Student Attendance

It is very important to keep a headcount of the students boarding the bus every day. The bus staff must take attendance before reaching school and after they leave school. The attendance helps cross-check the number of students boarding the bus. School administration must adopt this practice for the safety of children traveling in buses.

Ensure Safety of Students Onboard

Once the children board the school bus, the onus of their safety is with the school administration. Therefore, they must keep a check on everything that can affect the transport system and hence, the safety of students. They need to check the condition of vehicles and should come up with great techniques to help ensure students’ safety during transportation.

One way to ensure the security of the school kids is to install KENT CamEye in school buses that can help school admins track students as well as driver’s behavior. With KENT CamEye, school admin can live stream a video inside the bus and check what is happening inside the school bus in real-time. Teamed with 2-way call & AI-based alerts, KENT CamEye ensures the security of your kid while traveling on the school bus.

Track the Location of Bus

School buses need to be tracked at all times. Schools can do it with the help of the GPS tracker feature in KENT CamEye, which shows the exact location of vehicles on the map through its mobile application. The administration would remain aware of the route followed by the bus driver and can check if they are following the same track as defined to them. The device also helps in keeping a check on the speed of the bus and the overall driving behavior of the bus driver. This will help in making a timely decision in case of any eventuality.

Generate Reports for Every Trip

Integration with the KENT CamEye device will enable schools to bring out various reports, including details like average speed, time is taken to complete a trip, distance traveled and alerts generated during the journey. These reports will help in comparing the efficiency of routes and timings along with the driver behavior. It will enable the administration to come up with cost and time effective services while ensuring the safety of students.

Strong Safety with Video Surveillance

Enabling video surveillance will provide more strength to the school transportation system. KENT CamEye has features of both a dash cam and GPS tracker and hence solves the purpose so well. The dash cam feature will make the bus staff alert and they will put their best behavior during the trip. It will also help in controlling students’ behavior so that unnecessary nuisance or quarrels can be avoided.

The above-mentioned factors will help in efficiently managing the school transport system. KENT CamEye can play an important role in ensuring students’ safety as well as efficient transport management.

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