Importance of KENT CamEye for Some Stressful Situations on Road


KENT CamEye for Stressful Situations

Traveling on Indian roads is no less than an adventure. The rough terrain, highways, expressways and even the streets of busy markets give you an exciting experience of driving in India. However, we hardly think of the threats while traveling on these roads and overlook the need for safety.

With the passage of time, technology has revolutionized everything around, including ways to ensure the on-drive security of the family. You now have KENT CamEye, the first-of-its-kind dash-cam with GPS tracker in India that can help you keep an eye on your car and your loved ones traveling in it.

Here are a few situations in which KENT CamEye can let you breathe in relief for your family’s security on Indian roads:

When your loved ones are facing some unforeseen problem on the highway:

It might have happened to some people when someone in their family would have gotten stuck with a flat tyre of the car or a faulty engine on an isolated expressway or highway road. When nobody seems to appear on the road, one could experience a chill down the spine due to fear of encountering muggers. For such moments, KENT CamEye can help you keep a watch on your loved ones standing alone. Till the time help is arranged, you can stay connected through the device. You can start live video streaming with KENT CamEye to check if everything is fine around the car. Keep watching the live footage until the journey restarts. Further, as one of the best GPS trackers in India, the KENT CamEye app will provide you with the exact real-time location of the car or you can playback the route traveled by it.  This will keep both of you strong and calm in such stressful situations.

When trapped in a massive traffic jam:

Almost every day megacities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi-NCR witness massive traffic snarls either in the morning or evening. This is the most frustrating situation and no less than mental stress.

KENT CamEye has a way of helping here. In case your spouse or family member gets trapped in traffic, you can give a call on the device using its 2-way calling feature. This will help you stay connected with them and provide comfort to your loved ones who are already suffering the stress of traffic jams. It will be a major support for them to tackle the situation with a relaxed mind.

When traveling alone during late evening or night:

Night shifts in office or returning home late in the evening after the office is another anxious situation for you and your family members. By then, the roads get isolated and the day to day incidents are enough to make the situation frightening. That’s when you feel it is important to stay connected with them throughout their travel. KENT CamEye being the most advanced GPS tracker in India can keep you in constant touch with your loved ones traveling in the car. It has a high night vision quality that offers clear live footage of the car, so you feel relaxed watching your loved ones drive safely.

For instance, if your child is on the way to home or your spouse coming back from office during the night, you can do real-time location tracking to see how he/she is driving through. KENT CamEye app will display the map representing the route on which your car is headed to. In case you see any change in the route, you can immediately contact and check if everything is all right.

There are a lot more features in KENT CamEye that would help you ensure the complete safety of your loved ones traveling in the car. You can book a free demo by simply calling +91 95826 12345.

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