How the Live Streaming Feature Makes KENT CamEye Unbeatable


Live Streaming Feature of KENT CamEye

Dash cams have taken the vehicle security systems to the next level. This innovative change has introduced the use of a camera to capture visual data in the car during a drive. Be it a car rental company, fleet services or a car owner himself, all of them have to bring in-car cameras into use to serve their individual purposes.

Perhaps it is the audio-video recordings of the inside and outside views of the car provided by dash cams that attract the buyers most. These videos remain available to be watched later after the trip gets over; but what if you get to see these videos LIVE and also you can connect with the passenger & the driver through a voice call? Sounds exciting, right?

Well, this has now become possible with the first-of-its-kind Kent CamEye: a dash cam-cum-GPS tracker. It is an advanced technology vehicle security device that takes care of the safety of passengers traveling in it. The device has been designed with dual cameras to capture the inside view and front view of the car.

What is a dash cam live stream dash?

A Live Stream Dash Cam is a vehicle security device that helps to record live videos when the vehicle is in motion and even when parked. Kent CamEye is one of the best dash cams. It offers high-definition picture quality with a 720p camera. The 120-degree wide field of view (FOV) lets the device capture footage of the large area. Additionally, it has a built-in microphone and speaker to support 2-way calling. 

KENT CamEye comes bundled with features to ensure the security of a vehicle and safety of its passengers and these are available to use through the KENT CamEye mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS. It can be synced with the device to trigger the security features as required.  As stated earlier, the crucial feature that makes KENT CamEye superior to other dash cams is the LIVE video streaming with 2-way calling feature.

How does live streaming dash cam work?

You can find the live streaming feature on the KENT CamEye mobile app, tapping on which the option for inside or outside view appears. You can choose the view as per your need. So, just in two taps, the live visuals of the car can be seen on the mobile screen. For 2-way calling, an icon of the microphone would appear down the screen and when you click on it, the voice call is initiated. On the other side, the car occupants get an in-car alarm, indicating the call and the best part is that it is answered automatically after two rings.

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Benefits of Dash Cams with Live Streaming:

There are various benefits of dash cam live stream. Here mentioned are some of them:-

1. To check if your car is being misused

Chauffeurs are undoubtedly a great helping hand to drive your family to the chosen destinations. However, some of them tend to use your car for their personal use, like for making extra money by ferrying passengers in your absence. Moreover, the driver can do rash driving while he’s alone. So, for all these issues of a chauffeur-driven car, the live streaming camera feature of KENT CamEye can bring big relief.

You would be able to see the live visual of your car on the mobile screen that can show who all are sitting in it. You can also keep a check on the driver if he is driving rashly or over-speeding, as an alert is sent to the mobile when speed exceeds a set limit. For all such misuse of your car, you can take the necessary action by simply making a call on the KENT CamEye device installed in the car.

2. Monitor driving behavior of your teenagers

Even after your teenagers get their driving license, sometimes they get a little excited while taking the steering wheel in their hand. Being a parent, their whereabouts, when they are on the drive, keep you constantly worried. The grave concern for their safety in your absence can be calmed by live streaming and 2-way calling feature of KENT CamEye.

At this age, children become secretive and share very little information with the parents. In such a situation, live streaming can help to bridge the gap and lets you know who all are accompanying your son/daughter during the drive. Further, on receiving alerts at your end for over-speeding, loud music, or any other alert, you can immediately call them to coach with the right things.

3. To ensure your kids are driven safely by chauffeur

Being occupied with work, you rarely get time to pick and drop your kids to their school or hobby classes. Instead, you leave them with a chauffeur or maid to take them to the required places, but you never know if your kids are driven safely or not. In order to ensure that the kids are driven to their destination safely, you can live stream the inside visuals of the car with the audio on your mobile phone.

Sometimes, your kids miss the tender feeling while being driven around without you. In that case, you can go with 2-way calling to stay in touch with your little ones, no matter how far away you are from them. It would make them feel more comfortable.

So, ensure the safety of your loved ones with the amazing feature of live streaming with the 2-way calling that you get exclusively in KENT CamEye. It is an excellent car camera with live streaming.

4. Peace of mind

By installing Kent CamEye CarCam 2, one of the best dash cam for live streaming in your car, you can stay in complete control of your car from anywhere in the world. This ensures peace of mind.

5. Spot checks

With the help of dash cam live streaming feature, you can keep a check on the driving behaviour of the driver. Hence, dash cams act as a deterrent for the drivers.

6. Remote training

By installing dash cam in your car, car driving institutes can closely watch and monitor how an individual is driving the vehicle. Also, they can be vigilant about the behaviour of the training school driver.


Live Streaming feature is one of the best features of Kent CamEye CarCam 2. It enables one to keep an eye on the driver on the way. Hence, it ensures security of the vehicle and the driver. Install Kent CamEye CarCam 2, best live streaming dash cam to ensure security of your vehicle and the driver with the help of dash cam with live streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I view the live video stream from my phone?

Yes, I can view the live streaming from my phone.

How do I connect my KENT CamEye dash cam to my mobile?

To connect Kent CamEye dashcam, the best dash cam for live streaming to mobile, you must download Kent CamEye from the Google play store. Then, login Facebook and click on phone id, write the phone number, and submit. After that, you can add the device. If you want to add Kent CamEye CarCam 2, for live dash cam, scan the QR code.

What is the highest resolution dash cam?

The resolution of high-quality dash cams ranges from 1080P to 4K. You must go for Kent CamEye CarCam 2 for best quality video resolution and dash cam live streaming.

How much memory do I need for 1 hour of 4K video?

The need for memory differs. It depends on your utility.

What resolution is a 4K dash cam?

4K dash cam has a video resolution of 2880 x 2160P.

How long will a 64GB SD card last in a dash cam?

The 64 SD card will hold approximately 40 hours of video.

How long can a dash cam continuously record?

The 64GB dash cam live streaming can record in around 4 hours and the 128GB dash cam can record in around 8 hours.


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