Key Benefits of KENT CamEye as an Innovative GPS Tracker-cum-Dash Cam


Essential Benefits of KENT CamEye

GPS, the Global Positioning System has now become an essence of day to day life and therefore, it is believed to be an incredible invention of its time. Unlike earlier times, when we used to request a passer-by to guide us on the route, now we have GPS trackers that assist us in reaching our destination through exact lanes and roads. The GPS tracker also helps in tracking the whereabouts of our loved ones.  

At present, GPS technology has risen to a more advanced level and in India, KENT CamEye is a next-gen GPS tracker-cum-dash cam that plays a prominent role in the security of vehicles and safety of passengers. This device has a list of features that addresses almost every possible need of the potential users.

KENT CamEye has been smartly engineered and designed to provide simple and user-friendly attributes right from the installation to its functions. In contrast to other GPS trackers, the installation of KENT CamEye into the vehicle can be done with a DIY (do-it-yourself) process and without any internal wiring.

Here are a few benefits of using KENT CamEye for both personal and commercial use.

Maintain Control over Your Vehicle

With KENT CamEye, the control of your car is retained with you as you get to track its precise location even when away from it. KENT CamEye has features like live video streaming combined with real-time location tracking available to view on your mobile screen. You get the entire information including the visuals of the inside or outside view of the car along with its accurate en-route movement on a map. Even if you are unable to view live video streaming, you can get to know the places your car had been to at a later time with the help of route playback option.

Keep track of your car, no matter where you are

The beauty behind the concept of KENT CamEye is in the way it helps to lessen the worries of loved ones travelling alone or with chauffeurs. It is especially helpful for parents of teenage drivers or whoever wants a safety mesh around their loved ones. This device allows parents to create a list of Places of interest wherein they get an alert if the car has reached a pre-set location. They can also Geo-fence an area around a particular location so if the car goes beyond that area, the device sends an alert to the phone notifying the parents. All this becomes possible with the smart GPS tracking system embedded in this technologically advanced device. The geo-fencing alert is backed with a GPS system that enables the device to sense any breach by mapping the location.

KENT CamEye also lets you find how far your driver has taken the car or if he has taken a detour after dropping you to office. Furthermore, the Fleet tracking businesses can benefit from this device as the management can keep a track of their drivers and find out if they are sticking to the agreed routes. 

Locate the place your car has been parked

Getting your car parked in front of your destination can be quite difficult due to heavy traffic and limited parking space so you have to go to a designated parking area which could be around half a kilometre (sometime this distance could be more) from your destination. Most people have a problem of forgetting the place where the car has been parked. KENT CamEye brings relief for this purpose as it takes you to the exact place where your car has been parked. The location of the car reflects on the mobile screen and redirects to the map to assist you through the lanes of parking.

The App to make it compatible with mobile phones

One of the best reasons for installing KENT CamEye in the car is its compatibility with mobile phones. Since smartphones and tablets are extensively in use these days, KENT CamEye has been designed to be used with an app interface. The KENT CamEye app is available for both Android and iOS users, which is as easy to use as other mobile applications.  The App displays the location of your car as well as other features on the mobile screen, making it easy to use.

KENT CamEye as a GPS tracker offers great accuracy and shows the exact location of the vehicle on the map. These are just some of the remarkable benefits of KENT CamEye and the reason why it is said to be a smart GPS tracker. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for a vehicle security system.


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