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How Geofencing is Important for Small Businesses


Importance of Geofencing is for Small Businesses

Imagine a truck shipped off with goods worth lakhs of rupees, for delivery. It has to reach the destination by the very next day and a huge profit is expected after the consignment is safely delivered on time.

Somehow, the truck never reaches the destination, resulting in a loss of face for the shipper. In case you happen to be in a similar situation, it could be a major crisis in your transport business when the driver misuses or abuses your vehicle and shipment.

This situation could be effectively averted by shipping with a trusted carrier company that uses geo-fencing technology. Geo-fencing technology can help as an excellent solution to lots of transport businesses facing such issues.

There are many GPS tracking solutions for trucks in the market providing geo-fencing solutions, but if you are looking for a reliable one, offering quality performance, KENT CamEye is what you should be looking for.


KENT CamEye offers vehicle security solutions that ensure the owners are in control of the system. With the geo-fencing feature, the user can create virtual boundaries around an area on the map, to define the places where the vehicle can go. Alerts get triggered if the driver goes beyond the fenced area.

There are many ways to make geo-fencing work for small businesses. Let’s explore them:  

1. Help you to wisely manage the fuel expenses

Taking long routes or different unplanned routes is a common habit of fleet drivers leading to unnecessary fuel consumption. It is the owner of the fleet who bears all the expenses including the fuel bill.

Having a device like KENT CamEye installed in the vehicle can help the business owners with fuel management as well. Creating a virtual fence around an area on the map would restrict the driver from going beyond the fenced area.

If he tries to do so, an artificial intelligence or AI-based alert will be automatically sent to the owner. Also, an in-vehicle alarm will get activated to warn the driver.

2. Keep a track on the driver to ensure on-time delivery

In business, time is valuable, and on-time delivery of products and services is critical for success. The problem is, you cannot always accompany the drivers to ensure timely delivery.

The risk of delay persists in the transportation business as the drivers don’t always adhere to the need of reaching on time. Drivers often take detours, sometimes intentionally and at other times, unintentionally. However, tracking them through cell phones gets difficult as most of the time they are unreachable.

These issues bring a lot of pressure on a transport business owner and many of them end up taking wrong decisions. However, with geo-fencing, such issues can be easily managed as this technology does not allow the drivers go astray to other places and generates a regular alert if he breaches the geo-fence.

KENT CamEye allows 2-way calling for easy tracking of the drivers even if their cell phones are unreachable.

Using geo-fencing technology can let you have a better grip on your business.  At least, you can monitor those areas where you cannot be physically present.

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