How KENT CamEye is Helpful to Parents?


KENT CamEye for Parents

Parents work day and night, to meet the requirements of the family, especially their kids. However, due to long working hours, they have no option but to let their kids travel alone in the car with maids and drivers.

As a parent, we all enjoy the sight of our kids growing up and becoming independent. However, a scenario like kids driving all by themselves is the kind of independence that can be both liberating and frightening for parents. It is quite common that teens are at a greater risk violating the traffic rules and as parents we can’t just ignore such behavior.

No matter how many times you tell them about the wrongs and the rights of the street, there’s always a chance that they may not follow all rules once they take the steering wheel.

New drivers can easily be distracted and not only compromise with their own safety but of other passengers in the car and of pedestrians on the road too. As a parent, you look for options to monitor your teen but finding how to do can be a difficult task.

It also means that you want to see and keep a check that they are not using their phone while driving, over-speeding, playing loud music, or driving with people they are not supposed to. If you are looking for a solution that could alleviate your concerns as a worried parent, then a smart device like a dash cam cum GPS tracker can be a savvy investment and the perfect solution for you but finding the right dash cam can turn out to be a difficult task.

What is a Dash Cam cum GPS Tracker?

A dash camera cum GPS tracker is a video camera for recording the inside and outside of the vehicle. Dash cams have either one or two cameras depending upon the kind of device you choose. The footage of such devices can either be stored into a memory card or on your Cloud folder so it can be viewed in future via any digital mode. It also tracks the real-time GPS location of the car.

Why should people use a Dash Cam cum GPS tracker?

People use dash cam cum GPS tracker to keep a tab on their kids and cars among other things. It will help them observe driving of their kid, co-passengers sitting at the rear and the vehicle’s speed from anywhere in the world, whenever they wish. It also helps in preventing misuse of the car. And if the car ever breaks down, dash cams can act as a GPS tracker which can help emergency services find you and get you out of harm’s way.

KENT CamEye – The Perfect Dash Cam Cum GPS Tracker for Parents of Teen Drivers

KENT CamEye is a first-of-its-kind dash cam cum GPS tracker for your loved ones. It uses the dual camera to record everything happening inside and outside the car, and also allows live video streaming of either camera on the mobile phone. It ensures the safety of teenagers through its pioneering video surveillance technology.

The device helps parents to check the real-time location of the car on map and with the help of live video streaming, parents can know who all are sitting in the car and identify all the car occupants through face recognition technology. This way they can monitor teenager kid’s driving as well the friends s/he is travelling with.

KENT CamEye also sends various alerts to parents if any of the set parameters are defied such as Overspeeding alert if the car exceeds a set limit or High noise level alert if the sound in the car goes high.

KENT CamEye offers exceptionally useful features for parents of teenager:

Live Streaming:

It allows remote viewing in real time, from anywhere in the world, as long as your smartphone is connected to the Internet.

Remote Video Playback:

Allows playback of recorded footage stored on secured cloud storage anytime from your smartphone.

GPS Tracking:

Allows tracking of car’s location and speed on a map.

Speed Alert:

Receive alert notifications on your phone when the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

Video Backup:

Offers secure cloud storage of all trips (including time-lapsed videos) on a real-time basis.


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