Monitor Your Teen’s Driver Tracking with Car Dash Cameras

Monitor Driving Tracking With Car Dash Cam

Speed is a thrill for teenage boys and girls. Their vigor to enjoy this youthful and lively phase of life makes them careless about driving. So, when teens begin to drive, their safety is a major concern for parents. As a caring parent, you would naturally want to keep an eye on every detail of your child behind the wheels. For instance, their driving speed, exact location, friends traveling with them, etc. However, it is not possible for you to accompany your teenage kids everywhere they travel. This is where the Car Dash Camera comes handy. You can now easily monitor the inside and outside of a car while on the go and even when parked by simply installing a small but robust device – car dash camera.

A dashcam with real time GPS tracking and live video streaming can help you keep an eye on your kid’s driving behavior. Being aware that they are being monitored, they will instinctively be more careful. So, a car dash cam acts as a deterrent, keeping your child cautious, thus ensuring their safety, and helping curb road accidents. Additionally, armed with the data (GPS location; speed), you can advise your kids to be careful while driving, and avoid over speeding or reckless driving.

Empathizing with the parents’ concern to know about the whereabouts of the child while driving, KENT CamEye introduced CarCam 2. It is a car dash camera that comes with valuable features namely live video streaming, gps tracking, parked mode recording, 2-way calling, and others helping to keep you on the inside and outside of the vehicle, in-transit and even when parked.

CarCam 2, a next-generation vehicle security device with GPS tracking features can be easily installed by the parents inside the car to keep a watch on their teenage children. Once installed, you can get real-time updates of the trip made by children, and the device is accessible through a mobile application. CarCam 2 can record continuous videos in high – quality, ensuring the rides are fully recorded. So, in case of an accident, there will be appropriate evidence for insurance claims.

The recorded video also gets saved on a secure cloud system which can be downloaded and watched anytime as per your convenience.

Below mentioned are the details on how a CarCam 2 can help in ensuring a teenager’s safety during the drive: –

Live streaming to monitor activities of your child inside the car

To keep a constant check on your teenager’s driving behavior, Live streaming feature of Car Dash Cameras is quite helpful. It enables you to watch real-time visuals of the inside or outside view of the car during the trip. You can easily watch the video on your mobile screen with excellent picture clarity, even in the dark.

GPS tracking to trace the exact location of your child

To know about the exact location of your child in transit or where they are moving, GPS tracker is quite useful. The GPS tracking feature of CarCam 2 helps locate the car on the map, displayed interactively on the mobile screen. You can get an eagle-eye view of the real-time location of the car along with its speed. In case you miss out real-time tracking, you can playback the route travelled by the car for all past trips and get analytical insights e.g., distance travelled, alerts generated etc.

Car Dash Cameras also come with a trip analytics feature which captures the face of every person seated inside the car. So, you get to know about the people your kids are accompanied with on a drive. Therefore, you can be aware if your kids are traveling with the right people or not.

Be alert about the breach of any security measures with smart mobile alerts

With smart mobile alerts offered by KENT CamEye CarCam 2, you get immediate information about the breach of any safety measures by the occupants of the car. Car speed and over speeding alert keeps you notified about the driving speed.

If there is an emergency, the driver can also press the SOS button on the device. You will receive an IVR call along with an SMS containing the live location of the vehicle, and the required support can be offered to them.

Keep well – connected with your child through 2-way calling

2-way calling is another interesting feature of Car Dash Camera that keeps you well-connected with your child, on the roads! The call can be initiated from the mobile app and occupants can automatically answer using the inbuilt mic and speaker in camera, without getting distracted.

Summing up:-

Ensuring safety of your child especially while they are driving will always be a serious concern. But keeping an eye on their driving behavior can relax your mind about your child’s safety behind the wheels! So, get a Kent CamEye CarCam 2 installed in your car!


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