Should You Install Dash Cams in Your Commercial Vehicles?


Vehicle Maintenance has been a major challenge for commercial vehicle owners. It is difficult for them to know about the whereabouts of vehicles, and the drivers which can result in tricky situations. Imagine having a device to combat this critical issue, enabling you to keep a track of your vehicle while on the roads and even when parked. A vehicle dash camera acts as a deterrent to the drivers. Any delays in pick-up and drop of consignment, attempts to pilferage the goods by taking detours, over speeding, etc. can be recorded in the vehicle dash cameras. Thereby, this smart device helps to evade vehicle misuse and road accidents.

Whether you are a commercial fleet manager or a vehicle owner, dash cams are useful tools for vehicle maintenance and security as they can monitor both the inside and the outside of your vehicle. Additionally, recorded footage serves as evidence for insurance claims, and legal ramifications in cases of accidents or thefts.

Right from checking on the driver’s movement to assuring the safety of the vehicle, as well as the safety of pedestrians and other motorists, there are several benefits of installation of dash cameras in your vehicles. Let us further delve into the importance of cameras for commercial vehicles.

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Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Dash Cam:

1. Helps Monitor Drivers:

With the help of dash cams, you can easily monitor your drivers. Some of the dash cameras are designed to record only one angle, but dual-view vehicle camera with 2 camera lenses can record the inside and outside of the vehicle. With GPS tracking, you can make sure that the drivers do not take company cars off route or on personal errands. So, the dash cam install process ensures that your drivers stay alert behind the wheel, and your vehicle is being taken care of.

2. Assures Improved Driver Behavior:

Undeniably, adding a video recording system instantly adds a level of caution to your drivers. From reckless driving to talking on mobile phones while driving, various road offences are usually committed by drivers. Installation of vehicle dash camera helps keep a check on their driving behavior which results in regulated driving etiquette.

3. Helps Minimize Parking Lot Accidents:

Many times, accidents do occur while a vehicle is parked. Now, there are vehicle dash cameras that can record the vehicle activities even in the parked mode. It helps ensure security of a car even when it is parked with event-based video recordings.

4. Provides Accident Evidence:

One of the major benefits of vehicle dash cameras is its high-resolution recording capabilities. For instance, vehicle collation footage could serve as evidence to get the exact glimpse of the untoward incident. Logistic companies often face difficulties to prove that their drivers are innocent. With commercial dash cam, this is no longer an issue. Every activity gets clearly recorded, and it can be played when required, thus helping your driver to go scot- free.

5. Prevents False Insurance Claim:

Many times drivers might come up with misleading stories for false insurance claims. In such situations, video recording can be a saviour. It can bring clarity to decipher what really happened in case of an accident, thus averting any false insurance claim. Moreover, with indisputable video evidence, it becomes easier to place fault where it belongs, which accelerates the insurance claims process.

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Summing up: –

Road accidents can occur for multifarious reasons. For instance, the drivers can be distracted, weather conditions might make road visibility problematic, and unanticipated hazards are always lurking around the corner. With the help of vehicle dash cameras, commercial fleet owners can keep a track of their vehicles and safeguard their businesses against bogus claims made by reckless drivers. Moreover, you can monitor the driving behaviour of the drivers, ensuring safe driving habits that minimize the chances an accident will occur.

Commercial fleet dash cam such as KENT CamEye CarCam 2 is one of the smartest car cameras. It is a boon for the commercial fleet owners, radically changing the fleet industry for the better. With its live video streaming, parked mode recording, GPS tracking, 2-way calling and a lot more, you can effectively keep a check on your driver and ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do dash cams cost?

Dash cameras are available in different price ranges. The cost of Kent CamEye CarCam 2 is Rs.27,000 approximately.

Why should I get dash cams for my business fleet?

Dash cams are vehicle security devices that help ensure the driver’s safety, protects your company against fraud, and helps prevent accidents on the road. Get a commercial vehicle dash cam for your car to keep a track on your driver to guarantee safety of your vehicle and the driver.

Which dash cam is best for truckers?

Kent CamEye CarCam 2 is the best dash cam for truckers. It can record continuous and time-lapse videos in dual camera mode in micro SD card and Cloud to keep track of events inside & outside your car.

Does my commercial vehicle need a dash cam?

Commercial fleet owners can keep a track of their vehicles and safeguard their businesses against false claims made by reckless drivers with the help of dash cam. If you have been thinking, is dashcam useful? You must install Kent CamEye CarCam 2, to keep an eye on your driver and vehicle on the way.

How many dash cams can connect with one app?

10 Kent CamEye CarCam 2 dash cams can be connected with one app. You need to have a proper Wi-Fi connection for connecting dash cam with the app.


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