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What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a vehicle security device mounted on the windscreen and it helps record everything taking place in front of your car. The camera starts recording as soon as you start driving and the captured footage is saved on an SD card that can be easily read. Some of the dash cams capture the rear view with the help of rear-facing cameras which acts as silent witness and can be used as evidence in case of an accident.

To answer the question, what is a dash cam in simple words, a dash cam is a vehicle security device that helps to ensure the security of the vehicle and the driver.

Types of Dash Cams

1. SD Cams

SD cams are the types of dash cams in which your access to the footage depends on the driver. In these dash cams, it is important to remove the card, transfer the data off of the card, and reinstall the card properly.

2. Connected cameras

Connected cameras help you to access live video and data. These types of dash cameras start operating in the background automatically.

3. External Cameras

External cameras are the type of dash cams which can be mounted in many different areas on the vehicles. In the event of an incident, it can also provide valuable proof.

How does a Dash Cam work?

As mentioned above, the dash camera for the car is installed on the front windscreen, and it starts recording as soon as the car ignition is turned on. This helps you to ensure that you never miss a recording while driving your car. The recorded footage is stored on an SD Card. You will have to delete old files depending on the size of the card. There are Dash Cams that help automatically delete old files to make space for new footage.

What are the key benefits of a Dash Cam?

The dashboard camera is a vehicle security device that has become increasingly popular within vehicles over the last few years. Due to the advancements in technology, there is a huge demand for the installation of dash cameras to ensure safety of the vehicle.

One of the major benefits of dashboard camera is to carefully record every instance and detail that takes part on the road within the vehicle’s journey. With the help of car dashcam, you can control your car from anywhere in the world.

Key Benefits of a Dash Cam

Dash Cam is a vehicle security device which has several benefits. Here mentioned are some of the major benefits of dash cam:-

1. Offers Evidence in An Accident

In cases of untoward incidents such as road accidents, installing dash cams into the vehicles is ensuring that you have first-hand evidence of events that occurred during a car accident.

Dash cameras start recording as soon as you put the key into the ignition. It will record every detail of the incident. In several cases of traffic violation, dash cams have helped to provide evidence of the minute details that occurred during an accident.

If we talk about the benefits of dashcam, footage recorded by the dashcam can help you to protect yourselves from harsh punishments if you are innocent in case of an accident.

Get a car dash camera for your vehicle that will serve as evidence in accidental situations.

Avoid accidental situations

2. Helps to Capture Crime and Undisciplined Drivers

Drivers who indulge in reckless driving can be dangerous. However, if the driving behaviour of the drivers is monitored, they will be aware and therefore avoid careless driving. With the help of recorded footage, you can discipline the drivers.

If you are concerned about the reckless driving behaviour of the drivers, recording them with the help of dashcam can help to deal with those committing illegal acts and breaking the law.

3. Saving on Insurance Premiums

When it comes to vehicle insurance and premium pricing, having a dash cam installed within your vehicle is a major highlight for insurance companies. Since the recorded footage provides evidence, it can be used for insurance claim. Apart from insurance premium benefits, another major benefit of car dashcam is preventing insurance fraud.

Any type of insurance fraud can affect the insurance companies on a large scale. However, it becomes difficult for the honest drivers who might be innocent in an accidental case.

There are many times when the innocent may not have evidence to prove that the accident wasn’t their fault. So, in such cases having dash cam footage can greatly help to avoid punishments.

4. Monitor Staff Usage

If you are running a cab business, there are chances that your driver might take route detours. They might also stop frequently on the way. So, you must install dashcam that will give insight into driver’s actions. One of the essential benefits of dashcam is that it is also a great feature for fleet operators that use carpool solutions as a means of sharing fleet vehicles. You will be informed if some fault occurs internally within the vehicle.

Get a dashcam installed in your vehicle to keep an eye on the cab driver. By monitoring your cab driver, you can deter them from performing any misconduct inside the vehicle.

What are the Features of Good Quality Dash Cam:-

Video Quality

If you need to see different details after an accident or other incidents, you must go for high-quality cameras. So, you must go for a dash camera with good video quality to have proper evidence of an incident.

Field of View

It is very important to check the field of view of the camera because camera’s field of view is how wide the camera can see. If the dash camera has a wide field of view, it will allow the user to see much more at any moment.

Night Vision

Another important feature of a dash camera is night vision which could be very helpful for driving safely at night. Cameras with night vision can even function in low light conditions.

Is the utility of a Dash cam legal in India?

Till now, there is no specific law regarding the utility of dash cams. Hence, there is no problem with the installation of dash cams. But, it is important to ensure that it should not violate anyone’s privacy. There are car dash cam India with automatic privacy mode which ensures detection of the owner’s face and automatically disables the recording when the owner is behind the wheel.

Why Should You Buy a Car Dash Camera in India?

It is very important to have a dash camera in a car, especially in a country like India due to a number of significant reasons. Let us understand in detail the need for having a dash camera in cars in India.

1. Chaotic Roads:

Indian roads are overcrowded with vehicles and pedestrians throughout the day. As a result of which anything can happen on the road. If your family is travelling on the way, you can keep track of them and hence ensure their safety. Also, if you are running a company where employees travel late at night, you can keep track of them.

2. Reckless driving:

One of the major problems on Indian roads is reckless driving. If a driver is driving recklessly, it will be recorded in a car dash cam which can serve as concrete video evidence. With the help of this evidence, you can defend yourself in case of an accident if you have not committed any mistake.

3. Road Rage:

Roads in India are chaotic so there could be chances of untoward incidents. Using a dashboard camera in the car you can use video proof to settle disputes. Also, you can avoid unnecessary road rage with a dash camera in the car.

How To Choose the Best Dash Cam in India?

You need to pick a good quality dash camera in the car based on your utility and preference. Here mentioned are some of the important features that you must consider in a car dash cam while making a purchase.

1. Chipset

You must opt for a dash cam with a good chipset. In the car dash cam, Chipset is the heart of it. This will help to easily record everything without any sort of lag in the recording.

2. Gyro Sensor (G Sensor)

The G sensor in the dash cam enables motion detection and helps automatically record the footage of a frontal accident. In case of vandalism or collision, the recorded footage can be used as evidence.

3. Loop Recording

Loop recording in cameras saves one from the difficulty of emptying the memory card every now and then. The old footage gets overwritten when the memory card gets exhausted due to the car camera recording in the loop.

4. Video Resolution

You must go for a dash cam with high-quality video resolution for better clarity in videos. To ensure decent video quality, go for dash cams with full HD resolution. These days, there are dash cams that offer a resolution of ultra 4K.

5. GPS

If you wish to find out the location of your vehicle, having a GPS in a dash cam can be really helpful. You can easily track your vehicle with the help of a GPS tracker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do dash cams record at night?

There are Night Vision dash cams which are capable of recording even at night. Kent CamEye CarCam 2 comes with the availability of night vision. These cameras can easily record at night.

2. Are there dash cams without wires?

There are dash cams with and without wires. Kent CamEye CarCam 2 is a wireless car camera which makes it easy to install in vehicles.

3. Do dash cams work when parked?

Dash Cam continues to record even when your vehicle’s engine is off and parked. With the help of Kent CamEye CarCam 2, you can record both inside and outside views of your car even when it is parked to ensure complete car security.

4. Where is dash cam footage stored?

The video captured by Kent CamEye CarCam 2 gets recorded in the cloud storage. The recorded video can be viewed anytime as per the requirement.

5. What happens to dash cam footage after an accident?

With the help of dash cam footage, you can provide evidence in case of an accident. If you are not guilty, you can go scot-free.


Dashcam is an essential vehicle security device that helps to keep a watch on what is going inside the vehicle on the way. As a result of which you can prevent accidents thereby ensuring the safety of the passengers, the driver and the vehicle. There are various benefits of dash cameras. Install Kent CamEye CarCam 2, one of the best vehicle dash cameras in your car to ensure the safety of your vehicle.


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