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KENT CamEye: Car Security Device

One of the major investment decisions a person takes in life is buying a car for his family. It brings in a lot of happiness to your loved ones as it fulfills most of their traveling and commuting needs. Strangely, many people take extra care to beautify their car interiors with accessories but end up putting security last in the list of priorities.

Security here is not limited to your car but extends to family members and loved ones, who will travel in the car. Thanks to innovative technology, we now have KENT CamEye in the market that helps car owners overcome most of their worries in regard to security.

KENT CamEye is a next-generation car security device that ensures the safety of both the passengers and the vehicle. It is a first-of-its-kind Dash Cam cum GPS tracker, designed and engineered in India, keeping in mind the security needs of Indian consumers.

How KENT CamEye helps as a Car Security Device?

Kids’ safety while traveling

Security of kids is a major concern and as a parent, it is impossible for you to accompany them everywhere. So, the drivers are asked to drive the kids to their schools and other places but this doesn’t ensure the safety of kids.

With KENT CamEye, you can keep track of the driver’s behavior and ensure the safety of your kids. Knowing the car is under surveillance, the drivers remain cautious while driving and avoid detours.

KENT CamEye comes with a number of features ensuring 100% safety for your kids on board. With live video streaming, you can watch real-time video of the driver and your kids in the car.

The device also records a time-lapse video of the trip taken in the said car. In addition to that, the two-way calling feature helps you to communicate with the kids and driver in the car.

Safety for women travelling alone

The crime rate against women travelling alone in taxis is way too high in India. Several laws for the safety of women have been framed and legislated but implementing them without the right tools has now become a challenge.

KENT CamEye can help taxi fleet owners in increasing the safety of women travelling in their vehicles. It allows them to track the real-time location of the taxi and can let them act fast at the time of exigencies. The face recognition feature in the device sends an alert to the owner if the taxi is driven by an unknown face. The trip records can be made available to identify any instance of misbehavior.

Keeping an eye on your teen-aged kid

Teenagers have the tendency to flaunt their cars among their friends and generally break road safety rules. Over speeding and playing loud music while driving are the few things that teens love to do. Parents find it difficult to keep an eye on them, but now with KENT CamEye it is possible to monitor your teenaged kid while s/he is driving your car.

The Dash Cam cum GPS tracking device helps parents to keep track of their car’s movement on the map. Overall, the features of KENT CamEye are of great help to parents in monitoring their kids’ safety when they are out for a drive.


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