How KENT CamEye Helps in Monitoring Driver Behavior


KENT CamEye for Monitoring Driver Behavior

The driver, hired for personal or commercial purposes, can bring a difference to you and your business and it solely depends on the driver how seriously he takes his job. Once the key of the vehicle is handed over to the driver, it then depends on him how he uses the vehicle.

However, you cannot let the control go off completely as ultimately the asset is yours. It is you who have to bear all the costs and issues related to your vehicle. Hence, continuous monitoring of the driver’s behavior becomes important.

A number of dashcams and GPS trackers are available in India that can help you with the regular monitoring of the vehicle. The only thing you have to keep in mind is will any of these devices solve the security purpose or not. One such device is KENT CamEye that meets the security need for both the personal- chauffeur driven car or commercial- fleets and transport business.  It’s a next-gen vehicle security system that helps to keep control over your vehicle from any part of the world.

KENT CamEye is a first-of-its-kind dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker that incorporates a whole set of features needed to keep a check on the driver and to know whether he is meeting the standard driving behavior or not. The command of the car remains in your hand through the KENT CamEye mobile app, which can help you monitor every aspect of the behavior of your driver.

Let’s see what all you can track with KENT CamEye to ensure your driver’s conduct, on-road.

Speed violation:

Rash driving is a major problem with drivers while you are not around. They are seen driving at high speed despite being aware of the fact that it can be fatal for themselves, people on-road, and the vehicle. Irrespective of whether you are in the picture or not, you will be dragged into the situation.

Therefore, KENT CamEye offers Over speeding alert that would let you know when your car over-speeds. You can set a speed limit for your car and the moment it crosses the mark, an alert would be triggered to your phone.

Excessive engine idling:

This is one of the common issues with transport business owners or fleet owners. Drivers usually leave the engine on and put it on neutral mode for long hours, while they get busy in some other personal work. It not only consumes fuel but also degrades the health of your vehicle, eventually putting a cost burden on you.

KENT CamEye can help you in preventing this situation through its Engine idle alert. A limit can be set in terms of time on the KENT CamEye app, beyond which, keeping the engine idle would notify you on your phone.

To know more about essential alerts click here.

AC-On Alert:

Another case that you come across is when the driver sleeps in the car with AC On while the car is parked in a shopping mall or some other place and the owner is away.  This overheats the engine, wastes fuel and may cause problems in the car later. Moreover, it is said that staying inside the parked car with AC-On could be fatal and your driver may be in potential danger. 

However, this distress can be easily avoided with KENT CamEye. In case the driver puts the car AC-On in a parked condition, you will receive an alert for the same on your mobile phone.

On-drive conduct:

Sometimes you remain uncertain about the conduct of the driver when he is driving in your absence. At that time, you wish if you could monitor him Live. A conventional GPS tracker in India might not help, but KENT CamEye would definitely bring relief in this condition.

The device offers live video streaming feature that you can use to keep a close watch on your driver. You can see real-time videos of inside or outside view of the vehicle, to ensure if everything is fine. 

Intentional Detouring:

Drivers at times take a different route other than the scheduled one, for personal benefits. Furthermore, they are often seen ferrying passengers in your personal car for extra income and travel extra miles for it.

Rather than getting worried, it is better to install KENT CamEye in your car. It lets you put an effective boundary (virtually) around a location beyond which you don’t want your car to go in your absence. The moment your driver crosses that boundary, a notification will pop-up on your mobile, informing about the breach.

With all the above features, KENT CamEye makes car security & driver’s monitoring way too easier for the car owners.

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