KENT CamEye: A Device for Commercial Benefits as Well as Safety of Your Kin


KENT CamEye for Commercial Benefits

The automotive sector has come up with a lot of technological advancements in vehicle security systems. However, few people are still hesitant in using any technological devices in their cars. Probably, one of the reasons could be the concern for the likely risk to the manufacturer’s warranty of the car or the casual ignorance of people thinking that these devices are meant for commercial purposes only. They find dash cams just another device in the market and GPS trackers as a radio taxi/cabs thing. However, a large number of personal cars run on the road and thus the security of these cars and the safety of their occupants must not be ignored.

The dash cams and GPS trackers can provide various measures to ensure your vehicle’s security along with the safety of your loved ones traveling in it. With a variety of options available in this segment, you can make a smart choice with KENT CamEye. 

KENT CamEye is a dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker for car that ensures 100% security of vehicles and safety of passengers. This device has been built with the latest technology and has been bundled with a list of features that are good enough to solve all your worries related to the security of your vehicle and loved ones traveling in it. You can incorporate KENT CamEye into your life to end a lot of worries about the safety of your loved ones during the drive.

Here’s, a list of issues that KENT CamEye addresses quite smartly:

Give the safety comfort to your kids

Busy with your schedule, you leave your kids with the chauffeur to drop them to school or hobby classes. Sometimes you also ask your domestic help to accompany the kids during the drive, assuming that your kids would reach their place comfortably. However, in this day and age, when you have the provisions like KENT CamEye to make sure of your kids’ safety, why live on assumption?

Installing KENT CamEye in your chauffeur-driven car can let you watch your kids LIVE while they are going to their school. You can even pamper your kids to fill the void of you not being around with 2-way calling and bring back the smile on their faces.  

Stay closer to your aged parents every moment

Aged parents at home depend on you and most of the times you want them close to you. However, being occupied with your profession, at times you have to let them go for their personal works to distant places with your chauffeur. But you keep stressing of their wellbeing and whether they are safe. As a result, you keep watching the clock, calculating in your mind, “by now they would have reached; now they might be leaving for home” and so on.

With KENT CamEye you don’t need to keep checking the time. The device would send alerts on your phone when the car starts or stops the trip. Meanwhile, you can also track the real-time location of the car ferrying your parents on your mobile. So, you will be abreast of all the travel details of your parents.

Never let the youngster go off your eyes

When kids grow up to be teenagers, you have to give them independence and trust that they are not misusing it. However, being a parent, you constantly remain concerned about your children’s safety, especially when your teenaged child takes the car for an outing with friends. Then you start asking them various questions about their trip, which he/ she may not like. In such situations, KENT CamEye can help you to look after the safety of your children.

The live tracking features, in terms of video or GPS location, let parents keep a close watch on them without disturbing their privacy. They can even set alerts for over-speeding and in-cabin noise to keep a watch on their driving.  

To know more about overspeeding alert click here.

Ensure the safety of your wife in transit

Another major concern you have is the safety of your working wife who drives to her office alone. There’s some relief when you know about her exact whereabouts as you can reach to her immediately in case of exigencies but the concern grows more when you are outstation on business or otherwise and are clueless about her wellbeing. However, you can now find a way to stay updated about your wife while she’s in transit with KENT CamEye.

Install the KENT CamEye in your wife’s car and stay in constant touch with her. Get notifications when she starts and ends the drive. Live stream the video in order to check if she is driving safely, and at the same time, you can give her a call on the device through its 2-way calling feature.

Now, it is quite certain that dash cams and GPS trackers are not just fun devices and neither are they for commercial purposes only. They have great importance in creating the safety mesh around your kin in transit; hence KENT CamEye meets the purpose very well.


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