How KENT CamEye act as an Advanced Vehicle Security System?


KENT CamEye: Advanced Vehicle Security System

Take a quick glance around at home or at the workplace and you will find yourself surrounded by technology.  Whether it’s a mobile phone or a refrigerator, many things today are now based on advanced technology. Then, why should your vehicle security system not be advanced as well?

A wide range of vehicle security systems, right from smart GPS tracker to dash cams are available in the market. But, a GPS tracker or a dash cam alone cannot serve all the security purposes. The commonly used GPS tracker would help you with location tracking and a few alerts. On the other hand, a dash cam will give you the recorded footage of the trip to watch later. But what if you get the features of dash cam and GPS tracker in a single device?  KENT has made this possible with KENT CamEye, which is first of its kind vehicle security system that not only ensures the security of your vehicle but also the safety of passengers traveling in it. 

It’s a dash cam cum GPS tracker equipped with distinctive security features based on innovative technology. Being a mobile app- based device, KENT CamEye records everything happening inside and outside the car and allows live video streaming of either view.  But that’s not all, this gadget is more than just a GPS tracker or a regular dash cam. It has a lot more to offer that ensures 100% security of your loved ones and car.  

What makes KENT CamEye an advance vehicle security system?

KENT CamEye is integrated with dual cameras to capture the inside and outside view of the vehicle. Both the cameras are of 720p with 120-degree field of view (FOV) and are enabled with infra-red night vision. It has amazing sensors and alarms with customizable parameters that send real-time alerts to the user’s phone, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The device uses 4G connectivity through the pre-installed SIM that lets you enjoy a seamless experience.

Using all these advance specifications, KENT CamEye offers the following features:

Live Video Streaming:

The most innovative feature of KENT CamEye is the live video streaming of both inside and outside view of the car. This feature is quite useful, especially when your loved ones are traveling in the car in your absence. It lets you monitor the driving behavior of your driver or teenaged children. The microphone in the device captures the audio to provide you live recording of all the sound in the car. 

With this feature, users can stay in touch with their vehicle even if they are not around. They can see anything happening inside or outside the car, from any corner of the world.

The 2-Way Calling:

The monitoring is not limited to live streaming feature, there’s another advance feature. KENT CamEye lets the user stay connected to the car occupants without using the phone. The device has a built-in microphone that allows 2-way calling. The moment you receive an alert on breaching the limits, you can immediately make a call on the device and can communicate with the driver. This feature gives a big relief to parents as they can talk to their kids while they are in the car alone with driver/maid. Just imagine how easy it gets to ensure the safety of your car and loved ones during the drive. 

Real-time alerts:

KENT CamEye uses artificial intelligence to send smart alerts that act as strong deterrent against the misuse of the vehicle.  It offers over-speeding, loud music, engine idling, AC-on in a parked car, and geo-fencing alerts. The device is embedded with high-quality sensors that sense a breach of the limit set for any of the above-listed situations.

This advanced vehicle security system also let the users know if an unknown driver takes the steering wheel and if someone attempts to unplug or tamper the device.  

Cloud storage:

In this day and age, we are moving towards a complete cloud-based system, and KENT CamEye has effectively utilized this phenomenal technology. It does not depend on in-device memory to store trip details, rather it offers cloud storage for this purpose. The entire trip data, including time-lapse videos, are stored on a secure cloud in real-time. Whenever a user wants to access the data, he can do it with the help of KENT CamEye app

Analytical trip details:

At the end of the day, if you want to know where your car has been for the whole day in your absence, then you can get it through the KENT CamEye app. It offers a complete analytical report with graphical representations for every trip. It provides detailed trip related statistics that includes trip origin and destination, trip start and end time, average speed, distance traveled, trip duration, engine idle time, maximum speed, average temperature, total alerts and average sound level.  It helps you to have better control over your vehicle even if you are not around.

KENT CamEye is an advanced vehicle security system that makes your life simpler by ensuring the security of both the car and the passengers.


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