How IoT Tracking Devices are changing the Fleet Management Business


Importance of IoT Tracking Devices for Fleet Management


Being in the fleet business has never been easy, especially when it comes to the management of vehicles and drivers on road. Earlier, it was all done with the help of phone calls, but drivers used to evade the calls leaving the fleet manager clueless.  It was a major challenge to track the drivers over phone, which was frustrating for the fleet managers.

Fortunately, we now have the Internet of Things (IoT) that has made the fleet operations business much simpler. There are IoT powered GPS tracking systems that have made it possible to manage the fleet business without any human to human interaction. An IoT based device can monitor driver behavior, engine idle, start and stop time.

IoT has a vast functionality but before this, we need to know what IoT is.

What exactly is IoT?

Keeping it simple, IoT can be seen as a network of physical objects, connected through powerful sensors that are able to collect and exchange data without any human interaction. These objects feature an IP address for the data transfer process.

One must be thinking how it is applicable in the fleet business? Well, for this particular purpose, IoT connects to the applications delivering the data and services, making fleet operations safer, and more cost-effective. Therefore, companies are focusing on IoT powered GPS tracking systems offering real-time information of fleets on-route.  

How IoT solves Fleet Management Challenges

a.    IoT provides various tools to collect, share, and take action on real-time information, thus helping the fleet companies to make quick decisions.

b.    Using the entire data collected from IoT devices, fleet managers can get valuable insights into driver’s behavior.

c.    IoT has made it possible through applications to get traffic reports, average speed and data on other measures of monitoring.

d.    With the proper application of IoT, fleet companies can benefit with improved performance behind the wheels.

e.    IoT helps in capturing important fleet data and its analytical report can reduce the running costs by making optimal use of resources.

KENT CamEye: An IoT powered GPS tracker cum dash cam

The best part is that the market too adapts to the latest technology very soon. So, now at least there are options to choose between GPS tracking system based on IoT. A great option available is KENT CamEye, an app based GPS tracker cum dash cam that allows monitoring of the fleet with its innovative tracking features. This device offers real-time GPS location tracking with playback option of the route traveled by the fleet. It captures significant data of the trip like speed, location, and much more that can be accessed on the smartphone via KENT CamEye app.  

Benefits of KENT CamEye in Fleet tracking

Real-time tracking is the primary function of a GPS tracking system, but the IoT powered KENT CamEye has so much to offer to the fleet management. This device is accessed through KENT CamEye mobile application and has different features that are helpful in gaining insight into driving behavior. 

Let’s see how KENT CamEye can be helpful in fleet management.  

Saves fuel:

A vehicle in idle state could end up consuming plenty of fuel and the drivers hardly care for it. It mostly happens when the drivers sleep in the vehicle with the air-conditioner (AC) on for a long time. Now the owners/managers can prevent this even while they are at work by getting real-time notifications on phone. IoT powered KENT CamEye offers a customizable alert feature that notifies the owner if the fleet’s engine is running idle for a long time.  

No more Rash driving

Rash driving is yet another issue with fleet drivers. While on the road, drivers tend to not pay any heed to the speed limit, despite strict instructions given by fleet-owning company.  For this, KENT CamEye has an over-speeding alert that notifies the owner when the driver breaches the speed limit set by the owner.

In contact with Drivers all time

Drivers are habituated to ignore phone calls making it impossible to track them but with KENT CamEye it gets easy with live streaming and 2-way call ring features. The device allows live video streaming that gives an update on whats happening inside and outside the car. Moreover, on getting alerts for any breach, drivers can be contacted through 2-way call ring features.  

Track the drivers on route

Time is an important factor in fleet business but drivers generally, get careless about this fact. Drivers often take long routes either intentionally for their personal work or sometimes unintentionally. It not only consumes fuel but also takes a lot of time. In the end, it is the owner who loses money, in terms of costly fuel and time.

With the help of KENT CamEye, this situation could be easily averted by the fleet owners. The device allows location tracking of the vehicle on the map, and the owner can see the complete route on which the driver is travelling along with the current location. Moreover, with ‘geo-fencing’ feature the fleet owner can put a virtual boundary around any location on the map. If the driver tries to cross that boundary, an alert is sent on the phone connected to the device.  So, immediate actions can be taken accordingly, saving both fuel and time. 

IoT has brought a lot of relief in the smooth operations of fleet businesses. The GPS tracker cum dash cam device like KENT CamEye has now given full control in the hand of fleet business owners.


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