What Makes KENT CamEye a Next-Gen Vehicle Monitoring and Security System?


KENT CamEye: Next-Gen Vehicle Monitoring and Security System

When your loved ones are on the road you are constantly worried about their whereabouts and whether they have reached their destination safely or not. Traffic conditions, road safety and other security issues keep revolving in mind. You eagerly wait for a message saying “I have reached” but if there is a five minute delay in response from your loved one, you start to panic. The anxiety level goes high when the phone becomes unreachable.

Taking into account this issue of every household, KENT has brought an innovative car security solution. It has introduced an advanced vehicle security device- KENT CamEye that ensures 100% security of both vehicle and passengers. It’s a revolutionary device that lets you stay in touch with your loved ones when they travel in your absence.

How KENT CamEye is helpful?

KENT CamEye offers a huge relief to those who are dependent on their chauffeurs to pick and drop their kids or aged parents. Moreover, it keeps you at ease when your teenage kids or wife drive alone during the day or night. You want to take utmost care of your car and loved ones and with KENT CamEye, the control remains in your hand although the physical hold is in the hands of someone else.

How does KENT CamEye work?

KENT CamEye has been designed with advanced technology, making it extremely useful for car owners and gadget lovers. It’s a mobile app based-device, primarily a combination of dash-cam and GPS tracker that offers features like Live video streaming, GPS tracking, Cloud storage, intelligent AI alerts, and two-way communication. It comprises high-quality sensors and 4G connectivity that blends with other features making KENT CamEye a next-gen device.  

Since KENT CamEye is an app based device, it connects to a smartphone for easy access. You can set different parameters through the phone to avoid the misuse of your car. The smartphone is an interface of the device connected to it.

Live Video Streaming & Alerts Setup

KENT CamEye: The next-gen car security device

There are various features in KENT CamEye with functionality based on advanced technology. These features make this device a complete security solution for your car and loved ones. Now, let’s discuss them one by one to understand why KENT CamEye is the device of next-generation:

Get smart alerts on your smartphone

KENT CamEye offers both trip-related and device-related real-time alerts based on artificial intelligence. A notification pops-up on your phone when a pre-set parameter is being breached, for instance when the driver exceeds the set speed limit or if the noise level in the car is very high. You can configure the alerts through app settings and can further customize the trigger levels as per your requirements.

The trip related alerts let you know if your vehicle is misused in your absence. Users receive alerts such as over-speeding, geo-fencing, engine idling, loud music, AC on while their car is in parking and trip start or end.  

Trip Start and End Details

The device-related alerts are basically notifications if the device is on low-battery if there is an attempt to reboot it or power is plugged out.

Watch the journey of your loved ones LIVE

KENT CamEye helps you ensure your loved ones are travelling safe, anytime from anywhere around the world. Apart from recording the trip’s video (that a regular dash cam does), this device offers Live video streaming to see everything happening inside or outside the car in real time basis. Even if you are out of the country for a business meeting, you can ensure your kids are safely driven by your chauffeur as everything can be seen on the KENT CamEye app. You can see your loved ones while they are enjoying the drive as well as talk to them with the help of 2-way calling feature.  

Additionally, the device is helpful in monitoring your car when the driver takes on the steering wheels in your absence. You can see the passengers sitting in the car and where the driver takes your car throughout the day to ensure that he does not use it for personal use. KENT CamEye makes it easier to know if anything wrong happens in the car.

Unlimited secure Cloud storage

A regular dash cam or GPS tracker is generally dependent on the in-device memory. Over a period of time, the limited memory gets full and the device stops recording. To resume the recording, one has to first delete the past data.

As a next-gen device, KENT CamEye keeps its users away from such issues. The device stores all the trip records and details on secure Cloud storage and make it independent of limited memory. The data is uploaded in real-time onto secure Cloud storage that you can access at any point through the app.

Not just location tracking; get extra 

KENT CamEye is a dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker that not only helps with location tracking of the vehicle but also offers various other features making it a truly next-gen device.

It offers real-time GPS location tracking with higher accuracy and displays on a map in your phone. Along with location tracking, you can playback the entire route traveled by the vehicle. It also captures significant trip data including start/end location, average speed, maximum speed, total distance traveled, average temperature, total alerts, engine idle time and average sound level.


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