KENT CamEye: One-stop Solution for your Security Needs


KENT CamEye for your Car Security Needs

Nowadays a good Vehicle Tracking System is not only limited to the field of Logistics but to other areas as well such as Schools, Hospitals and Cab companies that are looking for solutions concerning passengers’ safety and preventing misuse of vehicles. Let’s understand below the issues faced by them:

Cab Companies:

A large number of cab companies have come into existence in India, but their survival depends on the quality of service they provide to the people and how competently they manage the entire business. For this, the safety of passengers is the foremost thing to consider. Also, monitoring behaviour of drivers is essential as it helps to understand how efficiently they are using the resources provided by the company and not misusing the vehicle in any way.


Providing medical assistance and aid to patients is the duty of hospitals. It includes ambulance services that play an important role by rushing patients to the hospital on time. Therefore, ambulance vehicles need to be ready for an emergency call anytime. However, in the past there have been cases where ambulances were found to be used for personal benefits. For instance, in Bengaluru an ambulance was caught ferrying people to their offices using emergency siren to evade traffic.


School administration provides transport facility to students and parents opt for it as they believe it to be safer for their child. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the school for students’ on-board safety such as timely pick and drop, keeping a check on rash drivers, and ensuring no abuse against any child.

It is good news that now the market is responding well to these concerns and providing with plenty of options such as dash cams, spy cams, and GPS location trackers. However, a problem with them is that they all work well individually but do not have all these features rolled into one. A new product, Kent CamEye, a first-of-its-kind dash cam cum GPS location tracker in India has been launched and is equipped with various features to ensure safety of your loved ones. It is designed with dual cameras, one for inside view and the other outside view of the vehicle. The GPS in the device helps in tracking the real-time location updates and other details like distance travelled, speed, places of visit, etc. It’s a non-OBD based, plug and play device that doesn’t disturb the internal wiring of the vehicle to install.

KENT CamEye is designed with technologically advanced features that help in constant monitoring of the vehicles. Cab companies, Hospitals and Schools can use this device to solve the issues they face with respect to operation of their vehicles.

Here’s how KENT CamEye is useful in these fields:

Easy accessibility:

KENT CamEye gives easy accessibility that helps in constant monitoring of the vehicles. It offers a fleet management portal to monitor multiple vehicles at once with the help of its mobile application. The mobile app allows in keeping an eye on the operation of vehicles from anywhere in the world. Hence, based on their requirements, cab companies, hospitals and schools can choose the access point.

Live Monitoring:

This dash cam with GPS location tracker comes pre-installed with M2M SIM that supports 4G connectivity even in remote areas. It helps in real-time monitoring of vehicles through the portal or mobile app. For live monitoring, KENT CamEye offer features like live video streaming and location tracking. These features support to provide safety of passengers and avoid chances of misconduct.

The manager or the owner of the vehicle can stream live video of either inside or outside view, which can help in checking the activities of the driver. It even captures the audio through its built-in microphone, so any verbal communication in the vehicle can be heard. Additionally, the GPS tracker helps in fetching the live location of the vehicle and screens it over the map. It ensures if the vehicle is on the correct route and the driver has not taken any intentional detour.

Smart Alerts:

KENT CamEye uses artificial intelligence to trigger alerts that will prevent the driver to misuse the vehicle. Alerts are sent on the owner’s mobile, for instance if the AC is on while car is parked or if the engine is idle for long duration. One can immediately call the driver and take appropriate action, which in turn will help save fuel consumption. Over-speeding alert is also sent if the driver drives rashly and crosses the pre-set speed limit.

Trip Record:

Trip recording is a key feature to efficiently manage the operation of vehicles. KENT CamEye logs the details of every trip made by vehicles and generates a complete report that covers details like distance travelled, duration of the trip, average speed, number of alerts generated, stoppages, etc. Moreover, it records the time-lapse video of both the inside and outside view of the vehicle. The video is saved on a secure cloud system for 90-days which can be downloaded and watched anytime as per the owner’s convenience.

Hence, with all the above features plus many more, KENT CamEye is the best device to ensure safety of your loved ones and security of the vehicle.


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