Ensure Timely Delivery of Essential Goods during Lockdown with KENT CamEye


Track Delivery of Essential Goods KENT CamEye

India at present is under lockdown to fight the spread of Novel Coronavirus. The State boundaries are sealed, and nobody is allowed to travel anywhere. However, the Government is committed to providing smooth supply of essential items to every citizen and therefore, transport of Essential Goods is exempted from this lockdown. It is, hence, the responsibility of suppliers to make sure these Goods reach everyone on time. They can do their bit by ensuring uninterrupted and timely supply of food and milk.

KENT CamEye can be of help in this noble cause by making the transport of essential goods safer and smoother. It’s a technologically advanced device facilitated with features of both a dash cam and GPS tracker. These features use IoT (Internet of Things) to collect and deliver useful data from a moving vehicle. It comes pre-installed with 4G M2M SIM that ensures seamless network connectivity throughout the journey. Therefore, suppliers can stay connected with the drivers of vans or trucks on their way to delivery.

Here’s how suppliers can take care of the safe and timely delivery of essential goods:

Live Location Tracking:

GPS tracker in KENT CamEye allows real-time location tracking of the moving vehicle. It broadcasts the location using the network connectivity, which is displayed over the map. Transport managers can check the location through KENT CamEye mobile application or its fleet management portal. Live location tracking helps in ensuring that the supply truck is moving in the direction, which was assigned to it. Any intentional or unintentional detour can be avoided so that the supply doesn’t get impacted. 

Engine Idle Alert:

The lockdown situation is very crucial, therefore everybody should think about the sustainable use of resources. Suppliers are expected to keep a check on the wastage of resources, including fuel. Truck drivers in transit often put the engine idle for long duration that unnecessarily consumes fuel. KENT CamEye offers engine idle alert when the driver keeps the truck stationed for a long time without putting the engine off. The person monitoring the vehicle receives notification on his mobile and he can then ask the driver to turn off the engine.

Alert For Over Speeding:

Timely delivery does not mean rash driving and the vehicle should always be driven at a controlled speed. KENT CamEye generates alert for over speeding vehicles. It allows the admin to set a speed limit for the truck or van. At any moment, if the driver drives beyond the set limit an alert is sent to the admin, so they can take action accordingly.

2-Way Calling:

While monitoring the supply vehicles, managers need to be in constant touch with the drivers. However, the situation becomes worse when their mobile phone goes unreachable. But KENT CamEye doesn’t let this happen as it offers 2-way calling to contact the driver at any time. It has a built-in microphone and speaker which allows hands-free communication for drivers. This way, managers and drivers can communicate without any inconvenience.

Hence, in this fight against COVID-19, KENT CamEye too stands united with the nation.


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