KENT CamEye: The Best Way to Keep the Trucks Business More Organized


KENT CamEye for Organizing Trucks Business

The trucks business is a vital part of the Indian economy. It is through trucks that various goods and services are made available across the country. Right from transporting commercial goods to help people in shifting homes, trucks always remain in high demand. The irony is that despite being India’s biggest business segment, truck business is amongst the most unprofessional and unorganized businesses.

The trucks have to make long journeys for weeks and fortnights, carrying goods from place to place. Back at the office, the owners and managers remain disconnected from the vehicle and depend solely on the drivers to give timely updates. The problem arises when the drivers’ mobile goes out of reach and no information can be received from their end.

In this day and age, there is a considerable advancement in technology that can save the truck business from facing such minor business hurdles. The owners of this industry can take the help of dash cams and GPS trackers available in the market. KENT CamEye is a renowned and reliable name in this segment, offering a complete solution for common issues in the Truck industry. It is a vehicle monitoring device worth installing as it comes packed with features of both GPS trackers and dash cams.

Talking about the design of this device, KENT CamEye has dual cameras, each of 720p to capture the views of both inside and outside of the truck. The built-in microphone and speaker provides audio connectivity. The GPS system helps in tracking the real-time location of trucks and allows the playback of the route traveled.

Timely alerts delivered by this device make it reliable to use. The accessibility to the device has been provided through the KENT CamEye mobile application. For owners and managers, this adds to the convenience of use as they can monitor a number of trucks from a single mobile phone.   

Here’s how KENT CamEye would help in monitoring trucks on the go:

Avoid chances of fatal incidences

A truck driver has to be careful while driving heavy trucks. Still, at times when they find the roads having light traffic, they tend to accelerate the vehicle. This could result in some fatal incidents with the situation getting out of hand for both the owners and employees. KENT CamEye can help the owners to monitor and control the speed while they are stationed in office. They can put a speed limit for the trucks and the moment the needle in the speedometer crosses that limit, they would receive an alert. Moreover, inside the truck, the in-vehicle alarm would alert the driver that he is exceeding the limit and should bring it back to normal speed.

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Keep a watch to check pilferage of loaded goods

Trucks carry goods worth thousands to millions and the security and safe delivery of the goods is the responsibility of truck owners. However, the risk remains high as the intention of the driver cannot be known before. On the way, the driver or his assistant might try pilferage of loaded goods and take the truck to a route they are not supposed to. KENT CamEye empowers the truck owner to prevent detouring of the trucks by putting a geo-fence around the location on the map. Once the driver crosses the fence, an alert would notify the owner about the detour. If needed, the owner can also check real-time footage of the inside view of the truck immediately, through live video streaming

Ensure timely delivery of consignments

Delivery of consignments on time is the biggest responsibility of any transport business. It is the duty of truck owners and managers to ensure that the consignments reach on time. This is very difficult without proper monitoring and communication with the drivers. With the help of KENT CamEye, owners or managers of the truck business can keep a continuous track of the real-time location of the truck. It would help to update the client accurately about the expected time of delivery.

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Stay connected to the driver regardless of his mobile connection

In the trucks business, one is required to stay in contact with the drivers throughout their journey. However, at times, the driver’s phone is unreachable or switched off and the connectivity is lost. This is where KENT CamEye can be of great help as it can let the owners use a 2-way calling feature while they are streaming live video of the truck. It will help in establishing voice communication between the two, even if the driver intentionally tries ignoring the calls on a mobile phone. The device auto-connects the call through the app and the built-in microphone and speaker would help owners communicate freely.

KENT CamEye, therefore will be a great advantage to the trucks business as it can help in keeping the business streamlined and make the owners stay connected to their employees and operations, leading to higher efficiency. 


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