KENT CamEye: A Device to Monitor the Movement of Police Patrolling Vans


KENT CamEye for Police Patrolling Vans

Police vans are employed to maintain law and order in the city and to serve the public with timely solutions. These vans have to travel through the streets during day and night so they can maintain peace in the city. Additionally, cops on patrolling duty have the responsibility to reach on time at any crime scene. Senior officials, on the other hand, have to ensure that the above-said jobs are being carried smoothly and honestly. They need to check if the police vans are used officially or if some sham patrolling reports are being shown by the cops doing patrol duty.

The great thing is that police officials are integrating technological advancements into their system so they could make it stronger and reliable. In order to do this, many Indian states like Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Assam, etc. have already incorporated GPS trackers in their police patrolling vans. It helps senior officials in monitoring the patrolling vehicle’s movement around a location and simultaneously ensure the efficient use of GPS tracker in crime control.

To make this monitoring genuine and more effective, police departments can include KENT CamEye into their system. It’s the latest GPS tracking device that can let the monitoring team stay in touch with the vans through its user-friendly mobile application. KENT CamEye is a car camera with GPS tracker that has been enabled with dual lenses (for inside and outside view), M2M SIM for 4G connectivity, microphone, and speaker. All these features combine together to provide audio and video updates from the car in motion. It even enables seamless tracking of the real-time location of the vehicle.

Now, let’s see how KENT CamEye, with its advanced features, can help in monitoring the police patrolling vans.

GPS location tracking

Using the GPS tracker functionality of KENT CamEye, senior officials can ensure that the police patrolling vans are being used strategically and effectively to patrol the designated areas and the patrol staff is not misusing it. They can track the live location of the vans and can watch the movement of the vehicle through the streets and lanes. Tracking goes easy as it is displayed on the map on the mobile screen.


The geo-fencing feature of KENT CamEye can help curb the unofficial use of police patrolling vans. The area assigned to each of the vans can be geo-fenced so that their movement can be restricted within the area. However, if the van crosses the virtual boundary, an alert would be triggered on the mobile app notifying the monitoring staff about the violation of rules by cops on duty.

Live Streaming with 2-Way calling

KENT CamEye offers live video streaming of the vehicle it is installed in so the monitoring team can get to see real-time videos of the occupants of the patrolling van. The built-in microphone helps in hearing the conversation taking place inside the vehicle. Moreover, the team watching the live footage can also directly communicate with the cops in the van and can issue commands during emergencies. This is possible with the 2-way calling option available with the live video streaming.

Time-lapse video recording

The dual camera of KENT CamEye can record a time-lapse video of both the inside and outside views of the patrolling van. In case, the live streaming is missed and the users need to check the details of the past trips, the recorded videos can be reviewed for reference. The recorded videos remain stored in secure cloud storage for up to 90 days, which can be played on the mobile through the app.

Trip analytics

KENT CamEye can help with the continuous monitoring of the patrolling vans. It helps with the trip analytics for daily, weekly and monthly reports. It registers the movement of all the vehicles under GPS monitoring and provides a detailed report of the trips made by the patrolling vans during days and nights. The monitoring team can check the traveled route, location, time and traveled distance, stoppages, and speed details.

This car camera with GPS tracker is an advantage over the manual process of monitoring the patrolling vans, in which they have to sign on the record books kept at vantage locations. KENT CamEye, can thereby help police patrol staff in avoiding the chances of errors and mistakes in the manual process and function more efficiently. 


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