A Useful Device for Parents to Keep Track of their Children Driving


KENT CamEye for Tracking Children Driving

Driving always come on top of the teenagers’ wish list, which is quite a normal phenomenon. They find it a thrilling experience, especially when it’s a drive with a group of friends. As soon as these teenagers turn 18, they strive to obtain their permanent driving license and become legally eligible for driving. They obviously don’t want to wait anymore and would go for any opportunity to drive. However, parents still hesitate in handing over the car keys as they feel concerned about their children’s on-road safety. This is quite obvious because it is an adolescent stage where a child is very vulnerable. 

This can lead to a tug-of-war situation between parents and their teenaged children due to conflicting approaches toward driving. To avoid this situation, parents can take the help of GPS based tracking devices to create a safety mesh for their teenagers. These devices can keep parents connected to their children while driving without bothering them about frequent questions related to the journey.

Parents should consider KENT CamEye for this purpose as it is a next-generation vehicle security device that also ensures 100% safety of passengers. It’s a plug and plays dash cam with GPS tracking features that parents can easily install into the car for their teenage children. Since this device is accessible through a mobile application, parents can get real-time updates of the trip made by children.

KENT CamEye uses its dual camera with an in-built microphone to provide audio and video updates of both the inside and outside views of the car. It has been enabled with a GPS system to allow real-time location tracking of the car, that too with high accuracy. A variety of alerts offered by KENT CamEye gives immediate information about the breach of any safety measures by the occupants of the car especially the driver.

This device can help in solving numerous in-transit safety concerns of parents for their children. Listed below are the different ways KENT CamEye can help in ensuring a teenager’s safety during the drive:

1.   Live stream to watch in-car activities of your child

At times, when parents are unsure about their teenage children’s driving behavior, they can opt for the Live streaming feature of KENT CamEye. They can watch real-time visuals of inside or outside view of the car during the trip. They can also watch the video on their mobile screen with excellent picture clarity, even in the night. In this manner, they can check whether children follow the traffic rules or if they are driving in a sensible manner or not.

2.  Watch who all accompany your children on the drive

Parents can easily recognize their child’s good or bad company. Perhaps this is the reason why teenagers don’t let their parents know about who all are going to accompany them on the drive. However, parents using KENT CamEye can get to know about it by simply checking the trip analytics section in the app. It captures the face of every person seated inside the car. Moreover, they can watch the time-lapse video recorded during the trip to get more details at any time convenient to them.

3.  Track the exact location of your car and child 

For parents, it is important to know the exact location of their teenaged children in transit or they must know where they are headed to. The GPS tracking feature of KENT CamEye locates the car on the map, displayed interactively on the mobile screen. It won’t let the young drivers go off their parents’ caring eyes. In case the parents miss the real-time tracking, they can playback the route traveled by car their child drove. 

4.  Get alerts for high speed and music volume

Teenagers find driving at high speed while playing loud music quite exciting. On the contrary, it is the biggest concern of parents because they know that rash driving by their teenage children could be fatal. To overcome this problem, parents can use KENT CamEye that allows them to set the limit for speed and noise. Once the teenagers in the car cross that limit, alerts are sent on the phone of parents notifying them about the breach. Thereafter, parents can take action as required.

KENT CamEye is a perfect tool for parents to keep a close watch on teenaged children for their on-road safety.


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