Get KENT CamEye for Efficient Fleet Management


KENT CamEye for Managing Fleets More Efficiently

Fleet services were not that popular a few decades ago as people rarely used to take a taxi. In fact, taxis were considered for people with higher income and often regarded as an expensive expenditure. However, the growing infrastructure and economy brought change in the industry, witnessing a sudden rise in the fleet business.

At present, right from an outstation tour to shorter trips within the city, people find taxis to be a comfortable option. The rising demand has begun to yield higher profits in the fleet business.  

However, the increasing competition in fleet business has also brought real challenges for survival in the market. It is not the number of vehicles in your fleet that determines its success but the smooth operation of the business. For this, you need to adopt a better management policy.

Without proper fleet management, it is difficult to know where the drivers are and how they are doing while on duty. On the other hand, using a proper system can help you know where each driver is at any given moment using geolocation tracking. Moreover, you would have the data on speed, routes and fuel usage to review and manage the unnecessary costs in the business. Overall, it will help you stay on top among your competitors.

Here, KENT CamEye can help you in managing your fleet business by providing all the necessary updates and data for each vehicle in your fleet. It’s a dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker that keeps you connected with your vehicles anywhere in the world. It would be the best solution to end all your worries related to fleet operations.

KENT CamEye offers the features of both a car camera and GPS tracker at the price of one. It’s a first-of-its-kind vehicle security system in India that caters to the need of personal car owners as well as fleet owners.

Let’s take a look at how KENT CamEye helps with efficient vehicle fleet management:

1. Get the Power of Video Monitoring

KENT CamEye has been equipped with dual cameras of 720p that helps in getting the visual updates of both the in-vehicle activities and things happening around it. It can let you monitor the way your driver and even the passengers behave during a trip. KENT CamEye records the time-lapse video of both the inside and outside view of the vehicle. 

Additionally, it has a distinctive feature of live video streaming that hardly any dash cam offers. You can check the real-time video of your fleet vehicles on your mobile screen at any point in time. 

2. Drivers would have no way to escape your calls

The worst and common habit of drivers is to ignore the calls of owners or their managers. So, KENT CamEye has come up with a solution for this issue as well. There’s another exclusive feature named, 2-way calling that you get with KENT CamEye. You can call on the device through the KENT CamEye app, which helps in contacting the driver in case of emergencies. There is no chance the driver can ignore the call as it gets auto-connected and there’s no provision in the device to disconnect the call.

3.   Keep a Check on Intentional Detouring

Drivers often tend to generate some extra income using your fleet vehicle. On their way, they pick up passengers and charge them money for extra income. Sometimes, they even take a detour and drive to places they are not supposed to. This is ethically wrong and against the rules of fleet business but drivers don’t seem to be bothered. Eventually, their extra income adds to the extra cost of your fleet maintenance – fuel costs and other wear and tear.

While managing your fleet business, it is very important to keep these redundant costs under control. Using the geofencing feature of KENT CamEye, you can restrict the unnecessary movement of your vehicles around a location and whenever the driver crosses the boundary, you will be notified accordingly.

4.  Accurate Trip Details for Better Business Planning

Analyzing trip records is an essential part of fleet management as they help you better plan your business. Do not forget the fact that drivers are very smart and they try to manipulate the records and data as per their convenience.

KENT CamEye has left no space for this discrepancy as it has removed the manual effort of maintaining the data. The KENT CamEye app provides relevant data in terms of distance, speed, time, place of start & end, and much more. It even helps you with statistical analysis and graphical representation for better appraisal and business planning.

5. No more Misuse of your Fleet Vehicles  

When you hand over the vehicles to the drivers for your fleet operation, they are expected to maintain these vehicles with care. But most of the drivers end up misusing the vehicles through actions like sleeping with AC on while the vehicle is parked, keeping the engine idle for long hours, driving above the speed limit, etc. This could impact the health of your vehicles and cause monetary losses to you. KENT CamEye has been designed smartly with innovative technologies that help you with the above-mentioned issues. The artificial intelligence-based alert features would immediately inform you whenever the defined parameters are breached.

Hence, KENT CamEye empowers you with priceless features that help you manage your fleet operation efficiently and let your business flourish. 


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