Use Geo-Fencing Feature of KENT CamEye to Make Your Trucks Business Grow


KENT CamEye for Trucks Business

The Trucks business may look very promising on the outside but it needs a lot of perseverance and attention to make it work. As an owner, you have to keep constant track of the trucks in transit to maintain a proper hold on your business. The truck drivers sometimes take routes according to their convenience for some personal work and that results in an additional cost you end up bearing. This happens because it is not possible for the owners to be physically present with the trucks all the time. Hence, having a GPS tracking system in the trucks seems to be the best solution.

The owners can now install KENT CamEye, the next-gen vehicle security device that will help in keeping a tab on the en-route trucks while you sit in your office. It offers a geofencing feature that allows creating a virtual fence around a given location on the map. The moment the truck driver tries to cross the fence, an alert will be received on your mobile phone notifying about the breach.

KENT CamEye makes it even more convenient, with the accessibility of the device on your mobile phone to monitor the trucks anytime, anywhere.

Let’s learn the different ways the device can help Trucks business:

Put a break on an intentional detour

Trucks have to make their way to different locations, either within the city or sometimes, outstation. Thinking of earning some extra income, the truck drivers take some additional consignment from other sources, without your knowledge. To deliver those consignments, the truck driver turns the vehicle in different directions rather than go straight to the destination assigned by you.

You can put a break on this act of drivers simply by geo-fencing the location through the KENT CamEye app. With the help of this feature, if the driver takes a detour, you will be notified immediately on your mobile, following which you can take necessary action.

Ensure on-time delivery of consignments

The biggest responsibility in the trucks industry is the timely delivery of consignments. It not only sustains the trust of clients but boosts business growth as well. However, at times it becomes difficult to meet deadlines, as the truck drivers rarely bother about the importance of timely deliveries. They might take some unusual route, intentionally or unintentionally, that could consume a long time.

With the help of KENT CamEye’s GPS tracking feature, whenever the driver takes the wrong route, you can instantly connect with him and guide him to take the correct route. This way, your driver would remain on the right path, ensuring delivery of consignments within the required timeline.

Reduce redundant costs

KENT CamEye as a GPS tracking system for trucks can help you reduce the redundant costs in your business. These costs, in general include, the expenditure on extra fuel and maintenance due to wear and tear. Taking unnecessary detours is one of the reasons behind this inefficiency. Geo-fencing alerts would help to keep track of the en-route trucks. When the drivers stay on the right route, without taking any unnecessary long route, the fuel consumption would automatically remain in control. Also, the risk of wear and tear would be less. Overall, it will help in optimizing the efficiency of the trucks’ business, and that means you can save more money.

Hence, KENT CamEye when installing in the trucks can add significant value to the business and help in keeping a check on unnecessary costs.


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