Use KENT CamEye to Protect Your Car from Misuse


KENT CamEye for Protecting Car From Misuse

A car is one of your biggest assets that need to be protected from any misuse. No matter how much you take care of it, when it is in someone else’s hands, the risk to the vehicle increases.

Think of the times when your car remains with your chauffeur, especially after dropping you or your family members to a destination, he might use it the way he wants.

There’s a possibility that the driver would use your personal car to ferry passengers and earn extra income. He might turn on the air-conditioner (AC) even when the car is parked or he might keep the engine idle for long hours. Eventually, your car health would get affected and you might end up paying more for the cost of its maintenance.

Buying a driver monitoring device like a dash cam or GPS tracker can help in solving many issues related to car security.

Now, that you understand the need to buy a GPS car camera, how would you select the best one? Here are a few features that you must look for:

Real-time GPS tracking

This is the most important and useful feature you need in your car security device. With real-time GPS tracking, you can see the exact location of your car and where it is headed.

App integration:

In this day and age, everything is available on your fingertips and that includes your vehicle’s security as well. A system that you can easily check via a mobile app would be an added benefit. It can be helpful when you are not around.

Integration with smart features

Like your smartphone, a security device should be smart enough to understand your needs. In case an issue is detected, you should be immediately notified so that the control remains in your hand.

Easy installation:

A system with do it yourself (DIY) installation is way better than one with on-board diagnostics (OBD) features. It lets you save money with no technician cost and also helps you avoid any hard wiring in the car. 

Lately, KENT CamEye, a vehicle security device with all the above features has been introduced in the market. It’s a first-of-its-kind GPS location tracker with a car camera that has been designed keeping in mind the need of Indians. It helps you ensure best-in-class security for your vehicle and additionally the safety of passengers with its cutting edge features.

Reasons to Choose KENT CamEye:

KENT CamEye is an app-based vehicle security system that lets you protect both your car and your loved ones traveling in it. Take a look at what sets KENT CamEye apart.

User-friendly App:

KENT CamEye lets you control everything through the app; so the power remains with you regardless of your location. You can set parameters for various safety features like speed limit, noise level, places of interest and many more. The app is the interface of the device and no one other than the Admin can change the requirements.

Visual Monitoring:

KENT CamEye features dual cameras with 720p resolution and 120-degree field of view (FOV) that helps in recording time-lapse videos of things happening inside and outside the car. It also allows live video streaming of either view of the car and helps in real-time visual monitoring.

2-Way Calling:

There’s a 2-way calling feature in KENT CamEye with the help of which you can place a voice call on the device through the app. It has a built-in microphone and speaker that helps in communication with the occupants of the car. It is only the admin who can initiate the call and thereafter the device auto-connects after two rings. 

Location tracking:

With KENT CamEye, you won’t have to guess where your car or family members are. You can simply log into your KENT CamEye app and see where your car is at that moment. The live location of the car displays interactively on the map.


The geofencing feature allows you to set boundaries virtually around a location beyond which, you don’t want your car to go. So, the moment your car crosses the defined boundary, you will get notified.

AI Alerts:

KENT CamEye keeps you informed about the wellbeing of your car with custom alerts and notifications. For instance, when the driver turns on the AC while the car is parked, the engine is idle for long hours, or if the car is over-speeding as well as other breaches, you are notified immediately.

Trip recordings:

You can also view the recorded trip and analytical statistics like average speed, maximum speed, time, distance, breach of different parameters, etc at a time convenient to you. The best part is the Route playback option of the recorded trips through which you can watch the entire trip and know the places where your car had been to.  

With KENT CamEye, your mind is at peace as it helps you prevent your car from getting misused. There are a lot more things this GPS tracker with car camera has to offer and to explore this you can get a free demo. Book the free demo at +91 9582612345 to experience the incredible features of KENT CamEye.


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