Why Your Sister Needs a Car Monitoring System this Raksha Bandhan?


KENT CamEye for your Sister

Raksha Bandhan is one festival that symbolizes love and security between siblings and cousins. On this day, a sister ties a Rakhi around the wrist of her brother and in return the brother offers a gift to his sister with an assurance that he will always protect her. A brother, no matter whether younger or older, has this responsibility to protect his sister whatever the situation may be. It is a fact that roads in India are not safe for women and a brother would never ever want to let his sister be unsafe. With KENT CamEye, a brother can always watch out for his sister and ensure her safety on the go.

KENT CamEye is the first-of-its-kind next-gen car camera for ensuring the security of your loved ones and your car. It uses dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car. The device allows live video streaming of either camera on the mobile phone and tracks the real-time GPS tracking of the car. It even allows playback of the route traveled by car on the map.

With a device like a GPS tracker, a brother can be sure of his sister’s safety. He can track the vehicle whenever he wants to and can see where the vehicle is.  He can also see his sister and who all are traveling with her in the car as it is equipped with live video streaming feature. The device has an artificial intelligence feature that sends alerts whenever any parameter which is set by the user is breached. It alerts when an unknown driver is driving the car when the car over-speeds or when the car goes beyond the geo-fenced area.

KENT CamEye is a GPS Tracker, 4G enabled, plug and play device with an app-based set-up. It stores the recorded videos on secure Cloud storage and syncs the same in real-time on the mobile phone. It has an inbuilt battery and memory backup so that it works even when the car is in parked mode or in no network zone. So when you cannot track the car at that time you can simply check the recording later.

KENT CamEye works in coordination with the mobile application to offer data to the user. The app is available for both, Android and iOS play store and app store. The app lets the user view the real-time location of the car; playback the route traveled by car for historical trips, live stream inside or outside camera, playback recorded videos of historical trips from Cloud storage and many more amazing features. The device saves the data of up to 90 days on secure Cloud storage.

The device is available at a reasonable price and comes with 3 months free subscription.

What are the main features of KENT CamEye?

Live Video Streaming:

This feature is an essential one that helps you to see the inside or outside view of the car, irrespective of whether the car is in motion or parked. It even has an option to initiate a 2-way call with the car occupants using a built-in microphone and speaker. With this feature parent or other family members can constantly and easily see what their loved ones are doing and where they are at that very moment, without even letting them know. This can help them relieve their stress and the users can even talk to their loved ones when their mobile numbers are off or unreachable via two-way calling.

Audio-Video Recording on Cloud:

You may not always be present with your family but still, want to be in touch with them. This is when a device like KENT CamEye could be of help as it records both views of the car when it is in motion and upload it in real-time on secure Cloud storage (up to 90 days) via 4G connectivity (pre-installed SIM). You can look at the videos later and see if everything went fine with your family. The videos are stored on the cloud and it doesn’t occupy the internal memory of the device and keeps your recordings safe.

GPS Tracking with Route Playback:

The device helps you track the real-time location of the car and even alerts you when your loved ones are not reachable on their phones. It even lets you check the details of where the car was and at what point of time, through playback of the route traveled by car, thus enabling complete tracking of your family members traveling in the car.

AI Smart Alerts:

KENT CamEye uses artificial intelligence to detect unusual things in your car. It notifies you when an unknown driver is driving the car via face recognition alert. It can also detect if the driver is sleeping in the car with AC on. As KENT CamEye is a connected device, it updates you by sending alerts to you on a regular basis. Alerts like over-speeding, loud music, engine idling and many more are shared with users thus ensuring a safe commute of your family members.

Kent CamEye could be a perfect gift from a brother to his sister this Rakhi thereby ensuring her safety.


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