How Public Bus Services can be Improved Using KENT CamEye?


KENT CamEye for Public Bus Services

A large population in India still prefers public bus service over personal conveyance. It offers flexibility and freedom to commuters. Moreover, it’s a good option to save money and travel with ease. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the transport department to cater to the public with better service.  

However, at present, there is a lot of scopes for a public bus transport system to improve as it needs to be streamlined in order to increase efficiency. Thanks to the innovative technology that has come to the rescue with the introduction of GPS location tracker. KENT CamEye is a next-gen dash cam-cum-GPS location tracker that allows constant monitoring of buses and passengers and helps in ensuring 100% security for them.

It is available at a reasonable price offering a bundle of features and user-friendly attributes. It has been designed with numerous advanced features that can enhance and improve the public bus services.

Some of the features are listed below:

Real-time location tracking

KENT CamEye allows viewing the real-time location of the vehicle on the map with great accuracy. Using the device as a live location tracking system, the management will be able to track the buses and can check whether they are on schedule or not. The location updates are all done in real-time and that helps to calculate the estimated time of arrival. Commuters at the bus stop can then be updated accordingly by displaying the accurate expected time of arrival on the bus transit display.

Artificial intelligence alerts

Another feature that can help improve the services of public buses is artificial intelligence-based alerts. It will help the monitoring department to ensure the security of the bus and the safety of the passengers. The best part is that it allows customizing alerts as per need. For instance, the geo-fence alert will notify if the bus takes a detour from the route it has been pre-assigned. Further, the over-speeding alert will intimate about the driver traveling above a set speed limit. Similarly, the engine-idle alert would inform if the bus stood longer than the time permitted for every stoppage.  In this manner, detecting and reducing the idle time would be way easier.

Trip Analytics

Other than real-time tracking updates, KENT CamEye helps in keeping records of the trips made by buses throughout the day. It provides data including places the bus went to, at that time, traveling speed, and how long it stayed at certain locations. The trip information can be used for the analysis of the performance of both the bus and the driver. The management can get to know whether the bus is consuming extra fuel than necessary, or the driver is engaged in improper driving. The data can be used to come up with more efficient systems or to address poor vehicle condition and driver’s behavior.

Overall benefits of using KENT CamEye in public buses:

With KENT CamEye, the management handling public bus service would be able to easily monitor the activities of their employees. The device would keep the management informed about the location, route history, and trip completion that too in the most efficient manner. Tracking the bus staff would make it easier to check for possible driver misbehavior and misuse of vehicles.

KENT CamEye would also help in efficient route management. The alerts and real-time location tracking would help in reducing engine idle time and deterring of intentional detouring. It will eventually help in saving fuel costs as well as enhance the services.

Talking from the passengers’ perspective, KENT CamEye would allow access to real-time updates. Passengers can be updated on the expected arrival time of the buses on a particular stoppage with better accuracy. Overall, they will feel satisfied with the level of services they will be provided with, thus attracting more passengers.

KENT CamEye could be a great means of improving public bus services. Using this device, the transport management can potentially earn profit along with customers’ satisfaction. 


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