How KENT CamEye Users are Benefitted by In-Car Alarms


In-Car Alarms of KENT CamEye

The insecurity of assets is not new and people always look for an option to keep them safe and secure. The car alarms have been a popular choice for this ever since its emergence but these were more like an anti-theft alarm. However, KENT CamEye has offered another gateway to the vehicle security system along with the safety of passengers. This next-gen device is a dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker that provides you with distinctive features for in-car safety solutions.

KENT CamEye is a 4G powered device that keeps you connected with your car and loved ones seated in it, through a mobile application. It offers a variety of alerts at the user’s end to ensure the safety of the car and its occupants so that in case of exigencies you could take proper action.

These are customizable alerts based on artificial intelligence that let you set different safety parameters, a breach of which by the driver sends an alert on your mobile. At the same time, KENT CamEye offers in-car alarms as well against any breach by the driver in the car and deterring any chances of misuse. These in-car alarms are the audio alerts generated by the device installed on the windshield of the car.

KENT CamEye offers audio alarms for:

i.                  Over speeding

ii.                 Trip start, (To read more about trip analytics click here.)

iii.                Power plugged out

iv.                Low battery

v.                 2-way calling

Being a user, you can set the alarm for the above parameters individually as a separate toggle button is present with each of these. These in-car alarms possess many benefits that make KENT CamEye a safeguard for your vehicle as well as your loved ones.

If you are using KENT CamEye and haven’t yet explored the in-car alarms till now, then continue reading to know the benefits of alarm for every parameter.

i. Over speeding

Driving at high speed has never been good for anyone, either for the car or for its occupants. So it is always suggested that you avoid driving at an abnormal speed and KENT CamEye helps in maintaining the same.

Sometimes while driving, you keep on accelerating the vehicle and forget to check the speedometer, which could be a risk to your safety.  With KENT CamEye, once you exceed the set speed limit, an alarm rings in the car telling you to check the acceleration.

Further, it would encourage safe driving habits in your teenage child who has just started driving or your chauffeur, who may often over-speed the car in your absence. While driving, they will receive an alert for the over-speeding following which, they can slow down the car to a normal speed.

ii. Trip Start

The in-car alarm for the trip start is an additional benefit to the owners of a chauffeur-driven car or fleet managers as there are many drivers who try to play smart. They might hide the details of the trips they make for personal purposes or for earning extra income. They won’t mention it in the report they handover at the end of the day.

So, every time the driver starts a trip, this alarm would make him alert that the trips are being registered via KENT CamEye. He would give a second thought while planning an invalid trip.

iii. Power Plugged Out

KENT CamEye has been designed smartly with innovative technology, keeping in mind the complete vehicle security solutions. To avoid any loophole the device once activated by the owner, cannot be switched off unless the battery drains out. To make it more valuable, there’s a ‘power plugged out’ alert generated on both the app and device. For example, if the driver tries to take out the plug of KENT CamEye to stop being captured in the dash cam, it would ring an alarm to warn the driver. It would keep your vehicle safe from any misuse.

iv. Low Battery

Since KENT CamEye runs on a rechargeable battery, it needs to be charged to remain active. At times, by chance when you skip putting the device into charge, the in-car low battery alarm reminds you to plug the cable into the charger. The moment battery level goes down, the device plays a unique tone intimating you about the draining battery. Immediately it can be put into charge for uninterrupted services.

v. 2-Way Calling

This is more or less similar to our phone calls and the only difference is that in KENT CamEye, only the admin can place the call through the mobile app and not the person in the car. This feature connects you and the car occupants via voice call. When you find something odd happening in the car, you can give a call on the device. In the car, the device would ring twice, informing the driver and other passengers that there’s an incoming call for them. It then auto-connects and allows you to speak with the driver or other car occupants. This is quite helpful as the driver cannot ignore your call even if he wants to.

This way KENT CamEye justifies its role as a vehicle and passenger security system and creates a safety net around them.


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