KENT CamEye: Use GPS Tracking Technology to Save on Fuel Costs


KENT CamEye for Saving Fuel Costs

The painful truth that fleet owners know quite well is the cost they have to bear with keeping their vehicles fuelled up. It is not about just one vehicle; in a fleet business, they are in numbers shooting up the burden in terms of price. The fuel consumption can, however, be reduced by identifying the inefficiencies with the help of GPS trackers for vehicles. There are three primary fuel concerns that trackers commonly help to identify and monitor, namely – mileage per gallon, engine idle time and emissions.

Tracking helps the fleet managers in identifying incompetent drivers, rectifying their bad habits and recognizing maintenance needs for each vehicle.

Fleet owners or the managers can optimize or regularise the costs simply by taking control of fuel consumption and educating drivers with the morals of efficient driving. 

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GPS tracking with KENT CamEye can help to monitor and fix the possible reasons for unusual fuel consumption.

The cutting edge features make KENT CamEye an excellent choice to integrate into the fleet business.  Let’s see the ways it can help to minimize the fuel cost:

Reduce the duration of engine idling

The rate of fuel consumption due to engine idling depends on the different models of cars.

A study by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) of the US, points out at the fact that idling the car for an hour can cost you up to 1/5th to 1/7th of a gallon of fuel.

It even affects the health of the vehicle and can add on to the expenses with maintenance costs.

Reducing the duration of engine idling would automatically slash the fuel consumption and thus the costs to the company. However, the challenge with managers is that they cannot be physically present at the fleet’s location every time. Then how to identify and reduce the vehicle’s idling?

Well, KENT CamEye can let you know how long a vehicle’s engine has been kept idle. It sends an alert for idling that allows the managers to set up a specific time limit after which putting the engine idle would trigger an alert on their smartphone.

This would help the fleet owners or managers to proactively execute the modifications in the driver’s behavior.

Control the urge for over speeding

The speeding factor is equally responsible for higher fuel consumption.  According to the Department for Transport of UK, a car on 80kmph speed uses 10% more fuel than the one speeding at 70kmph.

The fleet drivers are often reported for rash driving or over speeding, which is not just a concern for fuel consumption but also a risk for the safety of the car occupants. Therefore, it is always better to avoid such situations before the occurrence.

Using KENT CamEye with its ability to remotely monitor the speed is an important benefit of GPS fleet tracking. It sends an alert when the driver accelerates the vehicle beyond the limit set by the user. So, managers can immediately take action and can instruct the drivers to drive at a normal speed.

Manage the route for efficiency

Poor route planning or unnecessarily taking long routes are among the major reasons behind inefficiencies and the higher cost of managing fleets. Fleet companies can use KENT CamEye that allows monitoring and viewing of the route that drivers use.

Moreover, managers can use the geofencing feature to create a location-based perimeter, the limited area around which the drivers must drive.

In case the driver intentionally or unintentionally crosses the boundary, the manager would be intimated for the same. Following the notification, managers can guide the driver with the correct route and can see the improvements.

Monitor the driver’s credibility

Driver’s credibility plays a significant role in maintaining the costs of fleet business. Drivers have been seen playing smart when it comes to trip reporting. Therefore, fleet tracking becomes the critical need of a business as it provides adequate information to assist in checking the driver’s reliability.

KENT CamEye offers analytical data for every trip that includes information about start and endpoints, average speed, time and distance traveled, various alerts generated, number of stoppages during the trip, etc.

Further, the cumulative data helps inaccurate reporting that captures and notifies the unofficial usage.  So, managers can deal with necessary concerns and improve productivity.

When it comes to managing the fleet and cut down unnecessary cost, KENT CamEye should be installed as it is a one-of-a-kind GPS tracker and dashcam. It’s a perfect means of saving by bringing down the fuel costs and eventually, by improving efficiency regardless of the size of the fleet.


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