Use Data and Analytics to Improve Fleet Performance


Do you know how the best athletes enhance their performance? They don’t hire a new trainer or for that matter a team of trainers to help them make the most of their physical capabilities. What they do instead is hire a statistician who can help them make sense of all the data related to their performances. A statistician helps them uncover the secrets for great performance that a coach or trainer may not. Data insights make these athletes perform better, without requiring them to spend too much.

You wouldn’t have to hire an expensive statistician to get your fleet business performing to the levels that you want it to. A simple car dash cam with GPS tracking capabilities, like KENT CamEye CarCam 1 and KENT CamEye CarCam 2 can do the job for you in much less. It can help you find those hidden gems that can contribute towards improved fleet efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately, running a profitable business.

Let us bring sports into the picture again. The biggest development the industry recently saw must be the development of technology devices that provide data and perspectives of different players as well as referees on a real-time basis. This helps sports teams plan according to the data available to them. Whether it is individual or team sports, a lot can be done with data insights to improve performance and durability of players.

Similarly, when you bring dash cam and GPS technologies together in a single device, you will have that edge over your competitors. You will have enough data to analyse average trip time, idling time, start and end time of different trips, route taken by vehicles during trips, and many other things. With this information in hand, you will be able to make more informed decisions related to fuel consumption and savings, fleet efficiency, and other things that effect your bottom line in one way or the other.

Access to vehicle and trip data can give you more ways to check driver efficiency. You will be able to find out those drivers who are well-behaved as well as more productive than others. You can train other drivers to follow the ones that are doing well. Fleet-wide efficiency would mean more profits, a part of which you can use to reward your drivers and other workers, in order to keep them motivated to continue performing well.

A car dash cam with video recording capabilities adds a layer of visual insights to the whole mix that you can use in different ways. While data is quite right, having videos to back what data is pointing towards will give you a clearer picture of what’s happening with your fleet. You will be able to see what your drivers are doing the entire time inside the vehicle as well as outside it – who they are meeting – if they are taking detours, and a lot more.

Another way of keeping your drivers in check is with the help of smart alerts that are sent to your phone as soon as there is a deviation in pre-defined settings. So you will know when there is harsh brake put or sudden acceleration amongst other things. You will also find out if an unknown driver is sitting at the wheel or if the driver is smoking or speaking on the phone while driving. You can use all these things to make your drivers follow your guidelines.

The right car dash cam and GPS tracking device can help you maintain your fleet’s performance over a longer period of time. Just like when a team invests in big players, they want to make sure that they do their utmost to keep those players in good shape. The importance of all the vehicles in your fleet is no different. With the help of a fleet management devices like KENT CamEye CarCam 1 and CarCam 2, you will have a fool-proof way of making sure that your investment is in great condition all the time. As the owner of your fleet business, you cannot rely on hearsay or gut instincts all the time. Things that have been successful in the past might not deliver the same results again. A car dash cam with advanced capabilities can help you grow and improve your fleet. You will have all the help you need to make that happen. You just need to recognise them and act towards getting those areas sorted.


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