Major Applications of a Home Security Camera System


In last few years, we have seen several product launches that promise to improve the security of residential spaces. No wonder the market-size for residential security products has grown manifolds in recent years. All the latest trends in this space point towards home security camera systems and their viability for different home environments. The benefits you get with using home security cameras depends on how you are making them work for your home. Choosing the right camera system for your specific application or use case can have a tremendous impact on the results you can expect to see.

A home security camera system with all the right features gives you peace of mind by protecting your property as well as your family. If you look at recent crime numbers, then you will find a rise. Whatever the statistics say, you should always be looking to protect what you love. So, whether the statistics say that the crime rates have risen or declined, you should never take a chance and take the necessary measures to secure your home and protect your family.

Deter criminal activity

It has been found that using home security systems help in reducing criminal activities in homes significantly. You not only have enough evidence to catch the criminal after a break-in or robbery but also have system in place that can prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening. Although the intruders might destroy the SD Card or the camera to get rid of the footage, if the recordings happen on the Cloud, then they can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. KENT CamEye HomeCam is one of the only cameras in the market that support cloud recording.

Check in on the elderly, children, and pets

The objective of installing a home security camera system is not only to protect your home but also to check in on your family – kids, parents, pets – when you are not around. Whether you have small kids or school-going ones, you can always see what they are doing or whether they have returned from school on time or not. You can also check whether your aging parents are keeping well or not, and if they need something urgently, you can ask the neighbours to help or you can come back yourself if it is a serious concern. Your pets also need looking after when you are at work. You can check whether they are getting the right treatment from your house help or pet sitters.

Monitor caregivers/ house help/pet sitters/babysitters

If you are a working couple, it is highly likely that you have hired house help/ babysitters/ caregivers/ pet sitters to ensure that your home and family are properly looked after even in your absence. With a home security camera system, you can keep an eye on them and ensure that they are coming on time and not leaving early. You can also see if they are behaving properly with your family members. Pet sitters also have an important role of taking care of your pets when you are at work. Make sure that your pets are not mishandled, and they are fed on time. See if the pet sitter is playing with them and taking them out for a walk in the evening every day.

We have discussed only a few of the many ways a home security camera can be used in. Whatever be your objective of getting a home camera installed in your house, you can be rest assured that it will help you achieve those. Make sure you choose the right home camera system for your needs and decide if you need multiple cameras to keep an eye on different areas of your home.


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