Where Should you Install Home Security Cameras?


The market today is flooded with home security cameras, for both indoor and outdoor applications, that a homeowner can install on their own. The main thing that you have to decide is where to put those home security cameras. There can be plenty of space available in your home, which you can put under surveillance using a home camera. However, you need to decide which are the important spaces you should monitor and protect. Once you identify those spaces, you need to strategize and install the security cameras so that they deliver optimal surveillance results.

When you are choosing your home security camera, you need to keep in mind that not every home is the same. But, every home needs to be protected against potential dangers. Home security cameras give you the much-needed sense of security in times when crimes have become commonplace, so to speak. They allow you to put an extra pair of eyes to watch your property at all times. However, the security camera that your neighbour is using might not be the right fit for you. Your neighbour may or may not have the same layout, home security needs, and budget. So, it wouldn’t be wise to select a home camera that’s working alright for someone else. Consider your priorities, home setup, and vulnerabilities because there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to home security cameras. Here are a few areas where you can install your home camera:

  1. The most obvious place to install a home security camera is the front door. People often think that intruders use the side entrances to sneak in to a home, but that’s not the case. It has been found that intruders mostly use the front door to enter a house. It’s the front door where these people are most likely to strike. When you have a camera at the front door, you will know about all the entry and exits happening throughout the day. Whether it is someone from your family, your house help, or an unknown person, you will be able to recognise them with the help of the camera. By installing a camera at the front door, you can significantly reduce mishaps from taking place because most of the movement in and out of the house happens through the front door.
  2. If you are planning to install multiple cameras, then you should not leave the back and side doors (If your house has multiple entry points) unmonitored. Any uninvited visitor who wants to enter your house undetected may choose doors that are not in direct sight. You need to ensure that you have full knowledge of everyone who is entering and exiting your home. For this, you need to install cameras on the secondary doors, especially if you use one of them as frequently as the front door or if one of them could appear easily accessible to an intruder. Once you monitor all your doors, you won’t have much left to do to ensure complete protection of your home.
  3. You can also put security cameras to monitor common areas in your home. It could be your kitchen, dining hall, living room, or other areas that you and your family frequent. You can use these cameras to see what your children are upto, if your house help is attentively doing the work given, and what your pets are doing. Prioritise areas where you have expensive electronic items as well as valuables kept.
  4. A home camera will also serve its purpose if it is installed in the main hallway or stairway. A camera monitoring the main thoroughfares in your home that see most people throughout the day will help detect those who are trying to move about without being seen by anyone. If an intruder breaks in through an unmonitored area like your bedroom or bathroom, they can still be caught by the camera that you have installed in your hallway or stairway.

Other than these areas, you can have a camera installed in your ageing parents’ room and your children’s room. Choosing the right camera is as important as installing it in the right areas. KENT CamEye HomeCam 360 comes with advanced features such as night vision, AI motion detection and tracking, human detection, event-based cloud recording, offline video recording, automatic privacy mode, 360-degree surveillance, and many more. It is the perfect choice to be installed in various areas of your home and even office.


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