Wireless Cameras have Transformed the Surveillance Landscape – Here’s How?


The impact that technology has had in the evolution of our lifestyle is immense and is majorly talked in terms of the changes that it has been able to bring to industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and others. However, this isn’t a fair account of how technology has been able to impact other industries and sectors. The effect has been transformational, to say the least. With the continuous advancement in technology, we are seeing the development of newer products as well as more efficient versions of the existing products. We are also seeing the rise of newer use cases that are completely changing the way we used to look at certain products not so long from now.

One such avenue that technology has influenced quite significantly in the last few years is security and surveillance. Home security camera systems have undergone unprecedented evolution over the years and are now being used in areas that no one envisaged. The times we are living in now are considered the pinnacle of advancement in the form and usage of wireless home security camera systems.

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Let us start by discussing what exactly are wireless cameras. In simple terms, they are a replacement of their traditional wired counterparts. They serve the same purpose of monitoring and ensuring the security of the area they are installed in. However, they are better than their wired counterparts when it comes to convenience both in terms of maintenance and deployment.

Wireless cameras, as the name suggests, don’t have wires that are connected to terminals. They are connected to the internet through Wi-Fi connection and can be accessed and controlled from portable devices such as smartphones from anywhere in the world. But most of the wireless cameras have one cable that is connected to a power source, and it gives the power supply they need to operate. The term ‘wireless’ is used to indicate video and audio transmission in a network.

So, how have wireless cameras changed the surveillance and security landscape for the better? Let’s take a look. One of the biggest reasons that make modern security cameras so successful is the ease with which they can be installed. There are almost no technicalities involved so these cameras can be installed by almost anyone. You just need to get the camera out of the box and install them wherever you want to. Their ease of installation makes them cost-effective as well. You don’t have to bear installation charges. This makes these cameras ideal for residential, commercial as well as industrial use.

Modern security cameras are better than their traditional versions because they are more accessible. Since wireless cameras use Wi-Fi internet, you can connect to them almost any time and view live or recorded videos just from your smartphone. With recorded footage stored on cloud, it is easier for users to access it from anywhere in the world. And even if intruders break the camera in an attempt to stop it from recording or destroy the recorded footage, they won’t succeed. You will still have the recorded footage stored on cloud, which you can retrieve without the data being tampered with.

Wireless cameras are quite flexible as well. You can move them quite freely without being concerned about damage or anything else. Whether you want to monitor another room in your home or keep an eye on an entrance that you missed out on putting under surveillance, you will have no problem in moving the camera around. As there are no wires and cables in the new surveillance ecosystem, you can always experiment with the placement of the camera to find out the ideal spot of installation.

If wireless cameras were brought to us a decade or so ago, they might not have made the difference that they are able to make nowadays considering that the internet was still a luxury in many countries back then. But now, internet is easily accessible and that has played a huge role in not only the evolution of wireless cameras but their popularity as well.


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