A Fun Way to Make Kids Learn about Security on the Go


KENT CamEye for Kids Security

It is believed that if you want to educate kids on sensitive topics you need to catch them young and that is what exactly KENT CamEye did in KidZania. KENT CamEye in collaboration with KidZania, a city of kids, embarked upon a unique learning experience for kids on the theme of in-vehicle security.

KidZania is dedicated to provide children with exposure across new professions and empower them about financial literacy. KENT CamEye believes it is their responsibility also to help kids learn about how to be safe when traveling in the car and make parents understand how important it is to monitor driver behavior when the kids are traveling alone with them.

No matter how trusted and old the driver is, you never know what their intentions are and what they are up to when you are not around.

With a theme around Safety, kids along with their parents at KidZania gained knowledge on the concepts of security of loved ones and car through fun treasure games and interaction. Through this activity, parents and kids were given information about in-car security of self and family by getting into role play of a ‘Secret Agent’ who had to find the stolen treasure.

The clues were shared with the kids who had to crack the hints and move through different hurdles to reach the stolen treasure. In the meanwhile, parents were made aware about the safety of kids and told how they can keep their family safe and secure while on the drive.

The activity started right from the ticket counter where kids along with their parents had to decipher the clues to complete the mission of stolen treasure. They had to get to three touchpoints and had to decode the clues to claim the treasure.

The objective of this collaboration was to introduce children to the importance of safety and security and how KENT CamEye can play a major role in their lives. The partnership was a unique initiative aimed at educating the future generations of India about the importance of in-vehicle security.

This activity helped kids to inculcate different values like psychomotor, cognitive, emotional and social skills via experiential learning.

Once kids completed the activity, the KENT CamEye team got connected to the parents of these kids and explained how the dashcam-cum-GPS tracker works and its various features. Parents were also given a mini demo of the product so that they could understand the product better.

Being a parent, you never stop worrying about the wellbeing of your kids and want to make sure they are safe at all times.


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