Use Trip Analytics of KENT CamEye to Give a Boost to Your Cab Business


KENT CamEye for Cab Business

Cabs have changed the face of transportation in India as people these days hardly prefer public transport or personal conveyance to travel. This is the reason why a great spurt has been seen in the cab business and many people are getting inclined to start their own cab businesses. If you are one among them, then this will surely interest you.

Merely plunging into the taxi business won’t help you go a long way, as a tug of war between cab companies can already be seen in the market, resulting in tough competition. To become a part of this race, you need to set up a proper business strategy right from the beginning.

The strategy for your cab business must include keeping a close watch on your driver and regular measuring of productivity and efficiency of the vehicle. For this purpose, numerous GPS tracking devices are available for cars, and one such fleet tracking device is KENT CamEye. It’s a technologically advanced dash cam-cum-GPS tracker that can help you monitor each and every detail of your cabs without the risk of discrepancy. Earlier, there were no tracking devices and it was all dependent on manual processes. Details like start and end of trip in terms of kilometres travelled were recorded in the log books.

KENT CamEye makes this task easy by providing all the data on your fingertips. The device installed in the cab records minute details like distance travelled, destinations, average speed, time taken, etc. and displays it through the KENT CamEye app in your phone, synced with the same device.

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All this data is provided in the ‘Trips’ and ‘Analytics’ section of the app for the chosen period of time. Whether you want to make a weekly or monthly report or you want a daily report, KENT CamEye generates the data the way you want it. 

Now, let’s see how KENT CamEye can come up as a great help for your cab business to flourish.

1) Helps in analysing the productivity:

The more number of trips your cab will make, the higher would be your profit. KENT CamEye app shows Total trips which means the number of trips your cab has made for a specific period of time. With this, you can calculate how many trips on average are being made on a daily basis and if it is yielding profit or not. Moreover, you can also check the total distance because the fares are charged on per kilometre basis and sometimes the number of trips would be less, while the distance could be more.

2) No more manual reporting:

At times, cab drivers being on-duty take the car for personal work and include it into the passengers’ trip counts. Using KENT CamEye won’t let such things happen as it shows trip wise details including the start point and endpoint along with the date, time and distance travelled. So, the driver won’t get any chance to fake a report at the end of the day. It even shows the face of the person behind the steering wheel, so you can check no one other than your driver drove the car.

3) Don’t let the maintenance cost take a toll on you:

The vehicle’s condition and fuel consumption depends on the way it is being used and it can add a cost burden if you neglect the regular monitoring of your cabs. The fuel consumption depends on the duration for which the engine is kept on. While being on the trip it is acceptable but what if your driver unnecessarily keeps the engine idle for hours? The consumption of fuel would automatically shoot up and you will end up paying for the frequent refuelling.

With KENT CamEye, you can keep a check on the unreasonable fuel consumption by the cab driver. The analytics section will show the ‘total engine idle time’, and will let you know the total duration for which your cab’s engine was kept on. The length of time would itself explain whether it was genuine idling (in traffic) or it was done intentionally. Hence, KENT CamEye can make it easy to keep track of your cabs and monitor driver behaviour, thereby boosting your business and keeping a check on costs incurred.


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