What Makes KENT CamEye a Next-Gen Fleet Monitoring Device?


KENT CamEye: Next-Gen Fleet Monitoring Device

Fleet business is the most promising and rewarding venture but only if you have the skills to manage it efficiently. This business has its own set of challenges that needs to be dealt with in a manner, which ensures operations run productively and cost-efficiently. Thanks to KENT CamEye, the dash cam with a vehicle tracker, that helps in running a fleet with the enhanced prospect of profits.

KENT CamEye has been designed with innovative features keeping in mind the common issues faced by a fleet owner. The dual camera in this dash cam offers footage for both inside and outside views of the vehicle. Being a GPS based vehicle-tracker the device keeps updating the live location of the fleets along with the route playback feature. Using the device is easy with its access through the KENT CamEye mobile application.  With these qualities and a lot more features, KENT CamEye is the latest and most advanced option to deal with the concerns of the fleet business and boost its efficiency.

Here’s a list of features that can help you with running your fleet efficiently.

Live Video Streaming:

It is very important to know how your driver behaves while he is on-duty. Your driver might indulge in drinking and driving, or allow his friend to board your fleet vehicle. On many occasions, most of the drivers ferry passengers without your consent, to generate extra income for themselves. With KENT CamEye, you can keep a check on all these issues.

KENT CamEye enables you to watch the live video of the inside and outside view of the car. Using this feature, you can monitor the in-car activities of your drivers while they are en-route to their assigned destination. The cameras have a wide field-of-view of 120-degree that can let you see who all are seated inside the car. This way, you can check if the driver is competent enough to carry his duty or not.


You must have experienced incidents when your driver would have taken a different route which he was not supposed to. It not only adds on to the expenses of fuel but also delays the timeline of the job assigned to them. It can impact your market reputation and the cost of your business operation.

KENT CamEye can help you stop this issue by putting a geo-fence around the location on the map. You can draw a virtual boundary through the map and can limit the area within which you want your driver to travel. The moment he crosses that boundary, an alert would be triggered to your phone notifying you about the breach. You can then take the necessary actions.

Over Speeding:

In a fleet business, it is the responsibility of the drivers to drive safely, keeping in mind the traffic rules and regulations. The speed should not go beyond the permitted limit but the problem is that you would have no idea whether the driver is abiding by the rules or not. Over-speeding could result in some fatal incidents or could also hamper the condition of the vehicle. As a result, you would end up paying a higher cost for maintenance of the vehicles, which again brings down the efficiency of your fleet business.

With KENT CamEye, you can keep a watch on the speed of the drivers driving your fleet vehicles. The device offers you the option to get an alert for over-speeding by putting a set speed limit through the app. As soon as the driver accelerates above the speed limit, you will get a notification on your phone letting you know about the breach. You can then contact the driver and control the speed of the vehicle.

Trip Analytics:

Maintaining records and data is a must in the fleet business as it helps in calculating the overall expenses and profits and also assists with business planning. For this, trip details like total distance traveled, average speed, time of each trip, etc. is quite important. However, the problem is that most of the fleet owners still use manual methods to keep a record of each trip in which the chances of the discrepancy is high.

KENT CamEye can make this task easier with accuracy without any manual effort. The device records the details like distance traveled, trip start and end time, stoppages, etc. and make it available with a complete analysis. Using these details, you can cut out the unnecessary costs of maintenance and make sure the operational expenses can be maintained in a manner to increase the revenue.

Engine Idling:

It’s a common practice among fleet drivers to keep the vehicle’s engine idle for longer durations. While your vehicle is kept in neutral mode with its engine on, the needle in the fuel meter keeps falling down. Consequently, the engine of the vehicle is effected, resulting in the bad conditions of the vehicle. It eventually degrades the longevity of your vehicles, putting pressure on the business.

Here, KENT CamEye can help you to stop the misuse of your fleet vehicles with its engine idle alert. You can set the relevant duration of idling through the KENT CamEye app. If the engine remains switched-on with neutral mode and crosses the limited duration, you would receive notification for the same.

Integrating KENT CamEye in your Car fleet business can definitely help to run it efficiently. To know more about this product, you can take a free demo. Call us at +919582612345 and book the demo now.


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