This Diwali Gift Your Parents KENT CamEye to Ensure their On-Drive Safety


KENT CamEye as a Diwali Gift

When parents get old, it becomes the responsibility of children to look after them and ensure their safety. However, it is a common sight wherein most of the cities old age parents are living alone, while their children are far away from pursuing career opportunities. At home, parents manage all their household chores either by doing themselves or by keeping helpers and assistants.

For instance, they hire drivers who drive them to banks, pension departments, temples or markets. However, several cases of senior citizens have been registered where these helping hands occasionally turn out to be a threat to their lives while they are living alone. As a result, their safety concerns keep haunting the mind of children residing in far-flung areas.

Thus, it becomes important to stay in constant touch with the parents, whether they are at home or on-drive. When they are driven by their chauffeur, you can take the help of KENT CamEye, a dash cam-cum-location tracker device. It serves the purpose well with its innovative features and the best thing about this product is that you can access it on your phone from anywhere in the world.

Here are the ways KENT CamEye can help you ensure your parents’ safety.

Know When The Trip Starts And Ends:

The very first thing you need, while ensuring the safety of your parents is to be aware of the times they go out with the driver. It is not possible to remain on call every time or to ask if they are going out, and also there could be some circumstances when parents cannot call or text to inform they are going on-drive.

KENT CamEye is the easiest way to get this information as the device sends a notification on the user’s mobile when the trip starts or ends. Every time, the driver starts the car, you will receive a notification informing you that the trip has started. It will be in your knowledge when your parents are going out and till what time the driver is with them.

Watch Live Video To Check When Parents Are In Car:

When you get to know that a journey has just begun in your parents’ car, you can live stream to watch the in-car view. KENT CamEye has dual cameras to capture the views of both inside and outside of the car. You can check the real-time footage of the inside car conveniently on your mobile phone.

You can see your parents on the rear seat and ensure if they are driven around comfortably or not. You can also monitor the driver’s behavior to understand if he is behaving in a respectful manner with your aged parents. Overall, it would bring a lot of relief when you watch it yourself and check that your parents are safely driven.

Stay Aware Of The Routes On Which Your Parents Are Travelling:

KENT CamEye is a GPS based location tracker device that can keep you aware of the route on which your parents are travelling. You can spot the real-time location and know exactly where your parents’ car is headed to. It will be available on the map displayed on your mobile screen.

So even if you miss the live tracking, you will have the option to playback the route. It can help you in case of exigencies when it is important to retrieve the route they were traveling on.

Watch The Time-Lapse Video To Keep A Close Watch On The Driver:

KENT CamEye records the time-lapse video for both the inside and outside views. You can watch these videos anytime and anywhere to check the driver’s conduct and see if he misuses the car in your parent’s absence or not.

The device has an in-built microphone to capture the in-cabin voices. In case, you see any unknown person seated in your parent’s car with the driver, you can listen to their conversations and find out about their intentions. So, this Diwali when you are visiting your parents, give them the gift of safety with KENT CamEye. You can also book a demo to know more about this device on +91 9582612345.


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