Make Your Fleet Business Secure With KENT CamEye


Secure your Fleet Business with KENT CamEye

In a fleet business, the mind mostly revolves around different ways to generate profit and the security of the fleet’s vehicle is perhaps the last thing to think of.

However, as a fleet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicles are kept in good condition. You must ensure that your fleet vehicles are equipped with the best safety features to run safer and longer. There should be trusted drivers who can drive safely without impacting the safety of your vehicle’s and others on the road.

For this, all you need is a fleet monitoring device that can help you regulate & manage the business efficiently, thus reducing the stress over vehicles of your fleet.

You can now install KENT CamEye as a next-gen vehicle security device that can help in managing risks and collecting data of your fleet intelligently. It’s an easy to connect dash cam with GPS tracker that sits on the adhesive clamp mounted on the front windscreen. It doesn’t even need internal or hard wiring and hence the manufacturer’s warranty of fleet vehicles remains intact. The security of vehicles becomes stronger with the entire control in your hand through KENT CamEye mobile application. The device has its access through the app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Hence, you remain in touch with your fleet every time.

Here’s how KENT CamEye provides protection to your fleet vehicles

Real-Time Monitoring of Inside and Outside Views of Vehicles

KENT CamEye has dual cameras that provide visuals of both inside and outside views. Further, it offers real-time footage, which makes it the ideal fleet monitoring device. You can live-stream the video of either of the views to check the on-duty conduct of your driver. You can watch to ensure that the driver is not using your fleet for any personal work. Watch the live video of your vehicle anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone and always stay in touch with it.

Pinpoint Exact Location with GPS tracking

KENT CamEye offers you great features for GPS location tracking of your vehicle. The map displayed on the mobile screen shows the accurate location letting you know where your fleet is headed to at any given point of time.

You can track the vehicle in case you feel the driver is misleading you about the location. It would become easier to check if the fleet is traveling on the right route or is making any unusual movement.

Instant Action With 2-Way Calling

The device has an extra added benefit of 2-way calling, which can help you in immediately reaching out to the drivers during exigencies. For instance, while real-time tracking of your fleet, if you find anything unusual, then you as an admin of the device can give a call on it. The driver would find no way to ignore your call, as it gets auto-connected. He will have to answer your queries while having the conversation through the device, aided with the speaker and microphone.

Time-Lapse Video to Know the Reality

Visible things are more acceptable rather than what you hear. Drivers can frame a story for an incident, which could be the half-truth and it is difficult to rely on them. KENT CamEye records a time-lapse video of both the inside and outside views of the vehicle and uploads it on secure cloud storage. So, when required, you can go to the app anytime to download and watch the recording.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry about how to find the truth behind the incident in which your fleet was involved.

Various Alerts for Security

KENT CamEye is a good option when it comes to providing alerts for various forms of possible misuse of the vehicle. As the control remains in your hand, you can set the parameters for the available issues related to your fleet vehicles. For example, the device offers various alerts such as unknown driver detection, engine idling, AC on during parking, over-speeding, trip start, and end, etc. These alerts come to your mobile as notifications informing you about any breach.

Additional Vehicle Protection With Trip Analytics

Keeping a check on statistical data of your fleet movement is yet another protective measure. KENT CamEye offers you trip analytics that encompasses the report comprising details like distance covered, average speed, time, route traveled, number of alerts generated during the trip, etc. Moreover, these details are available for every single trip your fleet makes. Therefore, these security features are what make KENT CamEye one of the best fleet monitoring devices available in the market. It goes above and beyond to offer the best features to protect your fleet from any possible misuse.

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