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KENT CamEye for Logistics Business

Your commercial trucks mostly move across different states, far away from the place of their commencement. Therefore, you remain almost disconnected from your fleet of trucks when they are in transit. As a fleet owner, you become clueless about the distance traveled by the trucks and are hardly aware of the time the trucks take in reaching the destination and whether the consignments were delivered safely or not.

Now, think how convenient it would be if you could track your trucks and remain in constant touch with your driver throughout their journey. You can install KENT CamEye, a next-gen vehicle security device that offers features of both a dash cam and GPS tracker and can help keep an eye on your fleet’s movement irrespective of place and time.

KENT CamEye has been designed smartly using advanced technology. It has dual cameras to capture the views of both inside and outside of the trucks. The device can be easily installed without any internal wiring. You simply need to clamp it on the front windscreen and it will take power from the socket on the dashboard through a 3-meter long USB cable tucked around it.  

This device is bundled with numerous features to give a boost to your commercial truck operations.

Improving Driver Compliance:

Using its dual cameras, KENT CamEye offers features like time-lapse video recording and live video streaming. These features will let you closely monitor the behavior of your drivers behind the steering wheel. You can live stream the in-cabin activity to check on the driver and how he is driving the truck. Moreover, the time-lapse video, automatically recorded by the device, can be watched later to understand if the driver was abiding by the company’s rules or not. You can ensure that he is not using your fleet’s truck for personal chores, like giving lift to passers-by or his friends.

Lowering Operating Costs:

Logistics can be a rewarding business if managed efficiently. However, the major issue comes with operational costs that depend on the movement of the trucks. You need to be very precise about the routes on which the trucks have to travel because unnecessary and longer routes will consume extra fuel and will pile up additional costs on you. Here, you will find KENT CamEye as a boon to your business. You can use the real-time location tracking feature of the device to know the route on which your truck driver is driving. It even empowers you to playback the route traveled by your truck so that you remain aware of its whereabouts and whether it is on the right path or not.

Maintaining Fleet Vehicles:

Since the trucks have to travel several kilometers on a daily basis, you need to ensure that they remain in good condition. They should be maintained carefully otherwise the durability of the vehicles will reduce by a few years. For this, KENT CamEye has a variety of Artificial Intelligence-based alerts that help in preventing a vehicle’s poor performance. The device offers engine idle alert, which will make you aware of the driver has kept the engine on for long or not. You can set the acceptable duration for idling, beyond which you will be notified immediately. It is also enabled with various other alerts such as Over Speeding, Geo-fencing alerts, etc. that help in monitoring driver’s behavior as well as reducing incurring costs of the fuel.

Build Better Customer Service:

In the business of commercial trucks or logistics, on-time delivery of consignments and that too in good condition plays a crucial role. It not only helps you win the customers’ trust but also bring in better market prospects. With KENT CamEye, you can keep a constant track of your fleet of trucks. It will help you keep better control of your business, thereby enhancing customer service. The real-time tracking features and AI-based Alerts combine together to keep an eye on time-to-time activities of your fleet drivers.

Hence, KENT CamEye would be a highly beneficial investment in your commercial trucks business.

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