Deploy KENT CamEye and Let Your Hotel Business Grow


KENT CamEye for Hotel Business

Talking about the hospitality industry and GPS tracking technology seems unrelated to the first instance. However, hotels can actually benefit from these GPS tracking devices. They are expected to provide excellent customer service & are eventually rated on online review sites. These customer-generated reviews induce competition among hospitality businesses.

The hotel industry players, therefore, have to struggle to find a way to generate ROI without compromising with customer services. One of the ways to reduce the incurred costs is to use KENT CamEye – a dash cam cum GPS tracking device for vehicles in the hotel.

Hotels might be big or small, or located in different places like mountains or on the coast, they offer facilities to pick and drop their guests or provide cars to travel locally. So, with this facility they offer, customer security becomes important and that is when KENT CamEye comes in. Additionally, the vehicles are used for various other internal chores like transportation of resources, etc. The device offers various innovative features that help in ensuring the safety of passengers and the security of vehicles.

Let’s see how the hotel industry can take advantage of KENT CamEye: 

Providing Outstanding Customer Service:

The most important thing in the hotel industry is to cater to your guests in a decent and polite manner and provide them with efficient services including the hotel transportation for local movement. Till the time they are in transit, by using KENT CamEye you can check whether they are driven safely or not.

The device offers real-time video streaming that allows you to check if the chauffeur is behaving in a proper manner or not. In case, the guest complains about the misbehaviour of the driver or reports any argument with him during the drive, you can check the time-lapse video to verify the facts. The device records a time-lapse video of in-car view and uploads it to secure cloud storage. You can watch the video to check who was at fault.

Prevent Vehicle Misuse:

Chauffeurs are sent to pick the guests at the airport and drive them back to the hotel. Meanwhile, the drivers on their way to airport ferry passer-by passengers and generate extra income. They even take a detour and drive on an unnecessarily extended route that costs you extra fuel.

With KENT CamEye, you can keep a tab on drivers and prevent the chances of misuse of your hotel’s cab. While sending the driver to the airport or any other location to pick the guest, you can put a geo-fence around the location. So, at any moment if the driver crosses the virtual boundary created by you, an alert would be sent to your phone informing you about the breach. You can also randomly check the live footage of the inside view of the cab to see if some unknown persons are seated inside the car.

Reduce Maintenance Cost:

Drivers of your hotel cabs have to wait after dropping off the guests at sightseeing locations or any other point. It’s a common habit among the drivers that till the time guests are not back, they put the AC-on in the cars. This not only affects the engine of the car adversely but it could also be dangerous for the driver locked inside the car. Further, the condition of the engine doesn’t remain good and can result in regular maintenance costs, which can put pressure on the operations.

KENT CamEye has a distinctive feature to avert this situation. It offers alerts for AC-on in parked cars. The device triggers an alert when the air conditioner remains switched on beyond the time limit set by you. Once you get to know about the situation, you can take action accordingly.

Hence, using KENT CamEye in your hotel cabs can help you ensure your guests’ safety and keep a check on the vehicle’s maintenance costs, thereby running the business efficiently.  


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