Stay Away From Paying Hefty Traffic Challans by Using KENT CamEye


KENT CamEye for Saving Hefty Traffic Challans

With an approach to promote safe driving practices and sustainable mobility in Indian cities, the Government of India has introduced motor vehicle act-2019. This act, which is about imposing rigid fines for traffic violations, has now come into existence. The heavy fines have been enforced to ensure people strictly follow traffic rules while they are driving.

Instances like driving without seat belts, speeding, racing the vehicles and jumping the traffic lights are a common sight. Now, such driving behavior will invite penalties with heftier challans that can burn a hole in the pocket. Therefore, there’s a need to avoid behaving in such a manner and follow the rules while driving.

KENT CamEye can help you deter the chances of getting penalized for non-compliance with road safety rules. It won’t let you or your loved ones violate certain traffic rules and would encourage safe driving. It is anyway, good to drive safe and KENT CamEye would help you ensure the safety of your loved ones in the car. It’s a dash cam with GPS tracker that captures everything happening inside and outside the car and keeps you constantly aware of your driving behavior. 

KENT CamEye is equipped with dual cameras, one for in-car view and the other to see things happening outside the front windshield. The device sits on the adhesive clamp mounted below the rear-view mirror. It helps in keeping a check on the speed of the vehicle and alerts if the vehicle has crossed the set speed limit.

Now, let’s see how traffic violations can be controlled with the help of KENT CamEye.

No seat belts

Wearing seat belts is an essential safety measure while driving and a driver must make it a habit. Traffic police have begun keeping a strict watch over this and as per the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019, those not wearing seat belts, would be fined heavily.

KENT CamEye has a solution to this. As a parent or guardian, you can live stream the video of in-car activities. You can watch the driver or your teenager live during the drive and can ensure whether they have worn the seat belts or not. In case, they haven’t worn the belt, give them a call on the device using the 2-way calling feature. This way you can make sure that they are adhering to the traffic rules and not getting a challan from the cops.

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Over speeding car

If you or your driver is driving above the speed limit set by the authorities then you could be penalized. So, it is always suggested to drive at a controlled speed. However, at times while driving, you exceed the limit unknowingly or your driver might not bother driving within the limits. In both cases you would end up paying thousands of rupees, which could have been easily avoided.

Here, KENT CamEye could help you keep a check on the speed with its over-speeding alert. The device allows you to set a limit for speed. While driving, the moment you exceed that limit, an in-car alarm will ring inside the car, alerting you about the speed. Also, when your driver accelerates the car beyond the limit, you would get a notification on your mobile informing about the breach. You can immediately take action by asking the driver to slow down.

Dangerous driving

Rash driving is a major reason behind fatal incidences that occur on road. Driving at an uncontrolled speed, changing lanes without an indicator and playing loud music are some of the examples of dangerous driving. Youngsters are more prone to rash driving which is an offense. On being caught, the cops can impose heavy fines. Thus, it’s very important to keep a check on the above points while driving.

Being a parent or guardian you can keep a watch on your teenage drivers with KENT CamEye. With the help of its unique features like over-speeding alerts, noise level alerts and live video streaming, one can monitor the on-road behavior of youngsters behind the wheels.

KENT CamEye always endorses safe driving. So, why pay hefty fines when you have KENT CamEye to guide! Book a free demo now, call us at 919582612345 


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