How KENT CamEye Helps Parents Ensuring Safety of their Children?


KENT CamEye for Children Safety in Car

The youth today are very fond of outings and often drive in a group to different places. One of the things they don’t like by parents is to be bombarded with frequent phone calls, while an issue most of the parents face is the secretive behaviour of their young children. Youngsters generally don’t wish the parents to know about the places they visited and who all accompanied them. However, the concern of the parents is genuine as they only want to ensure the safety of their children.

KENT CamEye being a dash-cam-cum-GPS location tracker has gifted solutions to all such problems and has replaced the conventional GPS trackers.  

KENT CamEye is a 4G enabled vehicle security system that ensures safety of passengers travelling in it. This device has smart sensors and accurate GPS capabilities that parents may use to know the whereabouts of their child. One of the key benefits of using KENT CamEye as a location tracker is that it gives complete information of each and every trip and parents can virtually stay in constant touch with their children. All this could be done through a user-friendly KENT CamEye app that can be downloaded on any android or iOS based smartphone.

Let’s see how KENT CamEye can help parents in monitoring the safety of their children who often go for long drives or even small outings.

Get the Live location update

KENT CamEye helps parents keep an eye on their teenagers behind steering wheels through live location tracking. The app displays a map with the Live location of the car along with its movement around the area. The GPS accuracy of this device is high as it provides exact location of the vehicle.  So, parents can get to know the real-time location of the car with their child inside by just a simple click.

Additionally, being a dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker, KENT CamEye integrates the features of both and allows live video streaming along with real-time location tracking. It allows the parents to closely monitor the driving behaviour of their child and people accompanying them on the drive.

Watch at a Later time the places your children visited

For some parents real-time tracking of where their child has taken the car might not be possible. KENT CamEye offers a solution to this problem as it provides the data for every trip with complete analytics. Parents just need to go to the menu section in the app and further to trip analytics where they can get the details of the trips made by the child as per their convenience.

It will show the Places of start and end of the trip, including the stoppage date and time, distance travelled, maximum and average speed, average in-cabin sound level, etc. Such data is also represented as graphs that help in easier assessment.

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Add Places of interest

Parenting youth is a challenge for every mom & dad and at this stage the chances of conflict and difference of opinion remain high. These differences can be seen when parents don’t want their children to go to certain places and still the children go against their parents’ wish. The problem is when some children don’t mind keeping it a secret from their parents. 

For these situations, KENT CamEye empowers parents to make a list of ‘places of interest’ where they can allow their children to go. When the young drivers reach any of the listed places of interest an alert is triggered on the phone connected to the device.  This way, parents can take a sigh of relief knowing the location where their children are.

Geo-fence the location and get alerts

KENT CamEye offers a lot more features to help parents in tracking their teenage drivers. They can put a virtual fence around a specific location on the map beyond which they don’t feel safe for their children.  However, if the young mind secretly tries to cross the fence, an alert would be sent to the parent’s mobile phone having access to the device. So, parents won’t remain unaware of the places their children visit and can guide them accordingly.

The above-mentioned features together with many others make KENT CamEye the perfect choice for parents to ensure their child’s safety even when traveling without them.


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