5 Essential Components of CCTV Camera System

Essential Components of CCTV Camera System

Would you ever want to be worried about home safety while you are having a great time during your trip? The answer is an obvious ‘no’. However, not getting anxious about home security while away is nearly impossible. To minimize or ease your tension regarding the security of your homes, you must install a Home Surveillance System such as CCTV Camera System.

CCTV cameras are surveillance cameras that help keep track of what is happening in your premises. It will act as a deterrent for criminals or anyone attempting to carry out illegal activities. Additionally, CCTV Camera system allows remote monitoring on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone via a secure connection over the internet. Therefore, you can login remotely, and keep a track of the activities inside your homes from anywhere in the world. Even if an unfortunate theft incident takes place somehow, suspects can easily be identified and CCTV footage is compelling evidence in court.

So, to minimize the chances of any burglary attempt in your house or to avoid any unwarranted entries, thereby, these are the 5 essential components you should give importance to:

CCTV Camera System Components for Home & Office

Understanding CCTV Components: The 5 Parts Every CCTV Camera System Requires

1. Camera

CCTV surveillance Camera Systems generally come in two options namely Internet Protocol (IP) or Analog. These are the main components of the CCTV camera system. Usually, IP is the preferred choice due to its compatibility with most devices. There are various types of cameras that can be installed. For example, dome cameras, bullet cameras, covert cameras. Before choosing a home camera or prior to cctv camera installation, you must consider the cctv installation equipment list. Also, check how many angles you want to cover, the number of CCTV surveillance cameras you will need in that specific area and the required resolution.

CCTV Camera System

2. Monitoring Station

To view the recorded images and footage, the monitoring cctv system components are the most important part of a security system. You can decide how many monitors you would need depending upon the area to be monitored. Generally, you wouldn’t need more than three to five screens if you aren’t operating in a large-scale facility. If in case your requirements change, you can easily add or remove monitors anytime to match the compatibility of your camera. It is one of the essentials.

3. Cables & Routers

Depending on the type of CCTV surveillance system you choose, you will need supporting accessories like cables, and routers to be integrated into the system for a seamless connection. Some systems require a router, while some do not. So, it is important to choose the cables, and wires after selecting your cameras as per your unique needs.

4. Video Recorders

The video recorder is a type of device where video recorded on the camera gets processed for storage & viewing. DVR (Digital Video Recorders) and NVR (Network Video Recorders) are the two types of video recorders. Usually, DVRs are more prevalent for the average consumer. But, NVRs are a better fit due to IP camera integration and compatibility.

5. Data Storage

Data storage capability is one of the most important features of the cctv camera components. You must note that your CCTV security system is only as good as the hard disk backing it. So, you need to check that the storage device for a security camera system is capable of recording, storing, and re-playing videos non-stop from multiple feeds. Most of the regular hard drives used in PCs and Laptops are ill equipped to handle CCTV storage needs. This is the reason why it is essential to choose a robust storage system for safe data storage.

CCTV Components for Data Storage

Keep your homes safer and your mind at peace with the right CCTV camera. Before cctv camera installation, you must consider all requirements for cctv camera installation. If you are considering a home security camera, you must check out Kent CamEye HomeCam 360. It is a Next-Gen Wi-Fi Home Camera that sweeps 360° area, sends smart AI-based alerts & allows live video streaming on your phone. It is fully equipped with all the modern safety features, and a smart security solution to help you safeguard your home and family from potential dangers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five main components of a CCTV camera system?

A CCTV Camera System is an important tool in the modern world. It helps to keep watch on a specific area.  While selecting your CCTV camera system,  the 5 essential components you need to take into consideration are Camera, Monitor, Cable, Video Recorders, and Data Storage. Each and every component is equally important.

How does the CCTV system work?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. CCTV works by the camera taking a constant sequence of images. These images are then transmitted by cable or wirelessly to the recording device and then on to the display monitor. This enables an individual to see the sequence of images as video footage. A CCTV system can be used for the surveillance of on-site activity and can also be used to help identify wanted criminals, as well as act as a deterrent to potential intruders.


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